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The Truth About Causes of ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), surely, you would have asked yourself what did I do wrong? Instead of blaming yourself, it would be more helpful if you find out what really are the causes of ADHD in this way, you would be able to answer the many questions inside your head. Before going to the main causes of ADHD, how do you characterize children with this disorder first? It is usual for children to be hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive. In ADHD, however, these characteristics persist and become age inappropriate. If uncontrolled, ADHD may affect your child's performance in school, and even in relationships.

Changing Friendships in Midlife - How Exercise Can Clarify Confusion

When you reach age forty, your needs for companionship may change drastically from when you were younger. You may require more honesty and dependability or you may be uncertain about what you need in a friend. Exercising while focusing on your friendship issues can help you clarify confusion that you are experiencing. There is research indicating that one can obtain a sense of calmness after only fifteen minutes of exercise. You may find this emotional pain too overwhelming to be looked at while sedentary. However, you will find that dealing with the confused state of your friendships can be faced in this state of calmness that brief exercise brings.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - The Thinking Person's Solution

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is a form of psychotherapy concerned with modifying your behaviour by changing your thought processes. It's designed to help people overcome emotional problems, depression, stress, and other similar issues. The main precept of CBT is that 'you are what you think'. In other words, in order to improve your condition you need to change the way you think. This may sound obvious, but people have a tendency to externalize their problems. For example, a person may suffer from anxiety when being in a crowd of people. They may feel that people are staring at them, that they are being trapped, that the crowd is pressing closer to them, and so on.

The Road to Success is Through Brain Development

The source of makeover from failure to success, from illness to wellbeing is found in your brain. The brain is a spectacular intricate design of nerve cells. Nowadays, nearly every person is involved in increasing the power of one's mind to the ceiling. When you lack an overpowering brain, it happens to be very hard to face strong opposition and advance to your goals. To acquire a good brain, take the following steps: 1. Improve your brainpower and memory by using it frequently. Start by memorizing contacts of friends and relatives. Rather than looking for those numbers in your diary, try to remember them. 2. Read volumes on a variety of topics and think methodically from various angles.

Three Focal Areas of Improving Mental Health

Mostly, when I think of sound aging and living a better life, I think about my brain's condition. Our brains are starving masses of cells that can acquire disabilities without sufficient mental and physical activity, and proper diet. Accordingly, if you give value to your brain, I will give a brief description about these focal areas. 1. Mental Activity - Even though we grow older and go beyond our primes, our brains can still grow neurons. Aside from diseases, most memory loss or motor skill problems come from inactivity and immobility. Research shows that the brain grows stronger and more intelligent with continuous usage. For instance, fervent reading, even in your golden years, continues to enhance your reading skills and the amount of information that can be taken.

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Foods to Improve Memory - Tips For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You may have heard or read about certain foods that are good for your memory skills. Yes, certain foods are beneficial for brain health which in turn means they're good for your memory. So let's take a look at the best foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... Before we start, let's talk for a moment about your memory. Memory is, of course, a function of your brain. Therefore it stands to reason a healthy, nourished brain will lead to better memory capacity. In terms of food, it's really the combination of foods you eat which will ultimately make a positive difference in your memory. So with that said, let's discuss the three main meals of your day.

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