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What Are Alternatives to ADHD Treatment?

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Chances are, you may have already heard about the side effects caused by long-term use of Ritalin and would like to know whether there are any natural alternatives to ADHD medication. Your doctor may have not mentioned this, but there are a multitude of natural approaches to overcoming ADHD. The only problem is that there are so many alternatives that it can get a little confusing and overwhelming. Here are a few known alternatives to ADHD to get you started.

Nutrition and diet

Western medicine glosses over the role of proper nutrition and a healthy diet when it comes to overcoming ADHD and other chronic disorders. Your doctor will probably even say that the food you eat has nothing to do with ADHD. However, researchers have discovered that children with ADHD are in fact deficient in key nutrients like zinc, calcium, and essential fatty acids. Certain foods like dairy products, eggs, and wheat can cause food intolerances and have been found to negatively affect the brain wave activation patterns of individuals with ADHD. These foods often cause food allergies because they contain proteins that are difficult to digest. Removing dairy products and wheat products and replacing these with proteins and low glycemic index carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables have helped diminish symptoms of ADHD in children. Adding omega 3 oil food supplements have also had a positive effect on those with ADHD.

Detoxification and gut healing

Besides deficiencies in key nutrients, studies show that children with ADHD also have an imbalance in gut flora. This means that their intestines have accumulated bad bacteria that release toxic components and inflame the gut. Not only do these bacteria cause a gut inflammation and prevent the digestive system from absorbing essential nutrients; the toxins released can slowly overload the liver. Because of these discoveries, healing the gut has become an important component of a holistic approach to ADHD. For the gut to heal, a diet change will be required. Food allergies and intolerances will have to be removed, digestive enzymes taken to improve digestion and probiotic supplements will be given to restore balance to gut flora. If these methods do not reduce the burden on the liver, or if the individual has toxic heavy metals in the system like mercury and lead, a detoxification program will be required.

Physical stimulation

Did you know that spine trauma is one of the triggers of ADHD? The spine contains key receptors that translate mechanical information into neurological information received by the brain. If the spine is damaged in any way, the brain will be receiving inaccurate information and will not function as well as it should. Traditional medical doctors have never looked into the relationship between the spine and ADHD treatments so if you'd like to do so, you need to consult a chiropractor with special training in chiropractic pediatrics or neurology and ADHD. A chiropractor will improve the nervous system's functions by rehabilitating the spine through physical stimulation. Several studies published in scientific journals show instances where children with ADHD have benefitted from chiropractic care.

Whatever alternative treatment you decide to take, do keep in mind that there is no such thing a universal solution for ADHD. Since ADHD is a spectrum disorder, individuals with ADHD experience different problems and will have different reactions to different treatments. Ask your health care specialist to help you figure out an effective, holistic treatment plan for your child. This is what the Unritalin Solution is all about.

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