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Is ADHD Hereditary Or Caused by Other Factors?

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Is ADHD Hereditary? Are you blaming yourself because you have read that ADHD could be a hereditary condition that you have passed on to your child or that perhaps you have inherited? Let's get some facts clear such as ADHD causes, which may be affected, but are not caused by environmental influences like; TV, video games, sugar, food allergies, awful parenting, terrible schools or teaching. Some of these influences, like sugar, can make the symptoms more noticeable or worse but does not cause ADHD.

Is ADHD hereditary? Researchers have recognized that certain factors can play a role. If during pregnancy the mother is using drugs or the fetus is exposed to toxins, then yes, issues of damage to the genetics of a developing child probably can and does play a role. It is a well known fact that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs damage the unborn child and this includes the developing and delicate brain. Drugs and alcohol interfere with the normal development of brain receptors in the developing baby. Research shows that drug abuse harms these receptors, leading to ADHD.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome leads to low birth weight, brain cell destruction, and other physical defects showing the same symptoms relating to ADHD such as hyperactivity and inattention. Environmental toxins also can harm brain development, leading to ADHD. Lead found in paint and pipes from older buildings and PCBs have shown a link with symptoms of disruptive, violent behavior and short attention spans.

Is ADHD hereditary and does it run in families? Yes, Attention deficient disorders do seem to run in families. If a close family relative has ADHD a child from that family will likely have ADHD. Fathers who had ADHD seem to also have children who have ADHD. If one identical twin has ADHD symptoms they both will seem to have ADHD. This is a strong reason for ADHD and the genetic connection.

If you have concerns about ADHD running in your family, speak to an expert on ADHD, get all the advice and information you can on ADHD causes. People that can help are social workers, schools, doctors and ADHD support groups.

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