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Be Prepared With the Right Medical Supplies

Just as if you knew you were about to be besieged by an enormous zombie apocalypse, you want to be prepared in the event of you, or one of your family, being seriously injured and requiring home care. To be serious though, we are not talking about Civil War period at-home surgery. One does, though, need to be ready in the event something does happen as well as be prepared for the eventuality of minor cuts and bruises. What if someone has to go to the hospital and then requires at-home care? Will you know where to turn in that event? While picking up a basic first aid kit can be accomplished at the local grocery store, it would behoove you to find out where you can get proper medical supplies.

Pharmaceutical Plants - Affects and Side-Effects of Pharmaceutical Plants

Pharmaceutical plants produce, develop, and market medicines for therapeutic and other purposes. While some manufacture generic products, others create brand medications. All the drugs manufactured are patented in the name of the manufacturer. The medicines are subjected to thorough testing and trials before being approved and released for commercial use. Thus their main business is to discover chemical compounds having therapeutic uses and process or modify them for producing medicines to treat diseases and adverse health conditions. Different disciplines of science are used for inventing medicines and food supplements to provide health and well being.

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The Five Consumer Healthcare Brands That Made News in 2009

Tylenol (J&J): Tylenol suffered a series of missteps, bad press and problems over 2009 that challenged the brand's long standing equity of safe use. These included: 1) an FDA study group confirming the liver toxicity of acetaminophen as a concern; 2) the FDA acting to downsize the dosing instructions for acetaminophen including some combination products to avoid overdose; 3) bacterial contamination of a Tylenol product indicated for children; 4) chemical contamination of a Tylenol product indicated for the elderly; 5) a clinical trial demonstrating that acetaminophen dosing prior to vaccination of infants interferes with their immune response;

Nitrile Gloves - Toss Out the Latex Gloves

The rise in problems caused by the use of latex gloves, has lead many different industries to look to other options, in order to provide their employees with a safe and comfortable work environment. Using latex in the workplace has led to numerous complaints by employees. Some of the complaints were serious enough to require medical intervention. Allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to latex is the most common complaint. Proteins in latex gloves can cause adverse reactions, such as hives, rashes and asthma attacks. People also commonly experienced allergic dermatitis and the more serious contact dermatitis. Eventually businesses realized that this was leading to a high incidence of sick days and in some cases it resulted in worker's compensation claims.

Understanding the Use and Side Effects of High Cholesterol Medications

Doctors vary in their approach to dealing with high cholesterol; some will prescribe diet and exercise first while others will not hesitate to prescribe high cholesterol medications for their patients. While for many patients this may be the best option because their cholesterol is dangerously high, for others it may be wiser to consider other options before resorting to these drugs and their potentially dangerous side effects. There are two different classes of high cholesterol medications, statins and bile acid sequestrants. You have most likely heard of the highly popular statins by names such as Lipitor, Crestor or Zocor. The sequestrants are most commonly known by Niacin a common vitamin that is also used to treat high cholesterol in prescription form.

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Treat Toenail Fungus - Destroy This Embarrassing Problem in Private

Let's take a moment and learn a little as you look for a way to treat toenail fungus. This embarrassing ailment can cause the nails to be brittle and yellow, even black. It is caused by several different kinds of fungi that can also cause athlete's foot. The problem with toenail fungus is it is very, very difficult to get rid of. The good news is that it isn't necessarily the result of poor personal hygiene. Some things that can help you are to remove sweaty shoes and socks from your feet as soon as possible when you're finished with your activity. Otherwise, the fungi that cause this problem will easily reproduce and get a hold on your body with the hot and wet environment.

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