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The Importance and Relevance of Drug Trials

Drug trials, or clinical trials as they are better know as, is a tool used by pharmaceutical companies to research new medicines under clinical conditions so the data can be analysed and the product verified as safe before it is made available through normal channels. Volunteers for clinical trials are found from all walks of life and their participation can be voluntary or paid. Of course the question of whether the trial is safe or not has long been an issue. No product is usually ever used in it has undergone extensive, meticulous testing and research in a laboratory before it is considered to be safe to be tried on human volunteers. The success of bringing a new drug to the market will depend almost wholly on the data of the safety and efficacy of such drugs through the use of clinical trials.

First U.S. Face Transplant Reported In Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

Detailed information on the first facial transplantation procedure performed in the United States is presented in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® , the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals, and institutions in medicine, nursing, allied health, and pharmacy. "We are pleased to report an excellent functional, psychological, and social outcome for our patient at 8 months following transplantation, " write Dr.

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Medicine Prevents You From Diseases

Medicine is the science and art of healing that encompasses wide range of different practices health care. Medicine helps in restoring the health of the person by making accurate treatment and health of the illness. The contemporary medicine applies easily in the context of the health science, biomedical research and makes a remarkable improvement in the medical technology. Due to the availability of the clinical expertise and medical technology one ca successful, get a relief from all kind of pains that occur in the body. Among all the forms of medicine, ayurveda medicine acts as the best holistic healing solution in the science field. The two words ayu and Veda means giving a new life to the person in the form of medicine.

Is Your Medicine Killing You?

Heart disease, high cholesterol, depression, HRT, the Pill, antibiotics. high blood pressure, arthritis - we all know someone taking drugs to help with these common conditions. Is it possible that the prescribed drugs may be doing as much harm as they are good? According to Clell Fowles, a pharmacist who specializes in the effects of nutrient depletions caused by common drugs, the answer surprisingly is: potentially yes! And he is one of a growing number of professionals concerned about this problem. Clell is the head pharmacist for Nature's Sunshine, a leading herbal supplement company, who started researching the effects of drugs on the nutrient supplies in the body in response to customer queries.

Diuretics Side Effects

Diuretics side effects can have a great impact on your health. Diuretics have the effect of removing the fluids from the body. These types of medications are also called water pills. The way the fluids are removed from the body is through urination. Diuretics are used for several purposes. One of the uses is to treat a condition called edema. This disease results in an accumulation of fluids in the human body. Another use of these drugs and perhaps the main one is to lower blood pressure. This is done by removing the salts and fluids from the body lowering the blood volume. These types of drugs are very inexpensive. You could say they are one of the most economical ways to prevent a stroke.

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FDA Compliance and the Safe Use Initiative

In the US, over three billion prescriptions are written every year and billions more over the counter medicines will be purchased by consumers. However, too many of these people will suffer health problems and even death as a result of preventable medical errors. To reduce the risk of medical misuse, the FDA has established a Safe Use Initiative so that companies and organisations can collaborate in order to identify specific medical risks and come up with solutions to combat these risks on a cross-sector basis. FDA Compliance is a massive part of safer medications. It is during the medication production stage that manufacturers can limit their impact on accidental medication misuse by following FDA compliance regulations and producing only safe drugs.

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