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Stem Cells - The Cornerstone of Life and Longevity

Stem cell research is a highly debated medical solution. The reason proponents of the technology feel so strongly is because of the power stem cells hold. These blank canvases split and multiply and when they do, they have the power to create new, unique cells. For instance, muscle, red blood and brain cells can all form. These small pieces of life can also be convinced to reproduce and heal body organs all from one source. While they are naturally occurring in the body, some auto-immune diseases cause damage that could be reversed if damaged parts of the body were to be replaced on a cellular level and stem technology can provide that option in some cases.

Why Old Aspirin Smells Like Vinegar

Aspirin is one of the medications that are used to reduce pain, inflammation and temperature. It has been used for several decades and still remains to be a choice even after the introduction of other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Although at present, many medical professionals just prescribe or recommend aspirin for people with certain heart problems since aspirin has been proven to reduce the risk of blood clotting. Because aspirin is present in many home medical kits, it can be observed that after some time of storage, aspirin will start to smell like vinegar. The chemical explanation for this can be simplified by understanding the chemical natures of aspirin and vinegar.

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Luer Lock Adaptors Are Effective Connecting Devices Facilitating Closed Drug Transfer

Luer Locks are small parts which act as connectors to connect the syringe with the needle or with an adaptor to enable transmission of liquid medicine or compounds without any loss due to leakage. The luer fitting on the syringe is like a screw fitted to the syringe and helps in connecting the luer lock present on the needle or adaptor. The Luer Lock Adaptor can help in secure connection of glassware with needle to permit air-sensitive transfer of compounds and medicine. A Luer Lock Adaptor can be of different types like steel, brass, plastic, and fiber. It is used for a variety of applications. These connections are used in fluid flow apparatus for medical and surgical applications.

Side Effects of Steroids

Inhaled steroids soothe the airways and, in the correct dose, should do you no harm, but use them sparingly. Used regularly, inhaled steroids can retard a child's growth and some studies have shown that in adults even low doses of inhaled steroids reduce bone formation. Taken in larger than normal doses, steroids will turn off the body's production of its own natural steroids in the adrenal gland. This increases the body's vulnerability to infection. In children taking steroids, illnesses such as measles and chickenpox may be more serious. In an emergency the adrenal glands normally release a surge of steroids to cope. This will not happen if you are taking high dose steroids.

Tips For Using Cholesterol Drugs Effectively

At some point in life most people will need to take some type of cholesterol drugs. It is becoming a natural human condition to eat foods that create the "bad" cholesterol that causes heart attack and strokes. There are both natural and prescription drugs available to reduce your cholesterol and when you discuss the condition with your health care professional they will be able to tell you the advantages and benefits of each type of drug and how you can effectively reduce your cholesterol. High cholesterol is often not taken seriously because we don't "feel" any badly. We may receive the results of our physical and learn that we have more bad cholesterol in our body than we should.

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Complementary Medicine - What You Should Know About It

Forty years ago complementary therapies were dismissed as fringe medicine and most people put their faith in doctors, who had time to talk to their patients. Now conventional medicine seems so rushed and increasing numbers of people are turning to complementary medicine. Your doctor can supply you with any number of pills, creams, lotions and inhalers to keep your symptoms at bay and most of them do what they say they will do. Itchy skin settles, blocked airways relax, sneezing stops and eyes clear. Sometimes this medication can save your life. So why are more and more people turning to complementary medicine and using it alongside or even instead of orthodox treatment?

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