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Cards Before Congress

If you have watched TV recently, you most likely saw a pharmaceutical company advertisement. You know the ones, with the dramatic, suffering individual taking a pill and then diving into a palatial oasis or riding a motorcycle through the desert. They always end the same way: with a list of painful side effects and dangerous drug interactions that are often scarier than the disease this wonder drug prevents. Assuming these commercials haven't turned you against TV altogether, you have likely also heard something about the vitriolic and increasingly politicized healthcare debate. One of the less contested issues in current healthcare reform proposals is digitization of medical records.

Features of Littmann Stethoscopes

The stethoscope is a medical instrument that has been used by medical professionals for years. They are used for listening to various sounds in the body to determine a proper diagnosis. It is the cornerstone for all doctors and medical practitioners. The examination of any patient will be incomplete without a stethoscope. When people talk about stethoscopes they talk about Littmann stethoscopes because they are the best in quality and manufacturing. It is a medical device that has undergone several years of manufacturing striving to perfect a model that can do so much. If you are working in a medical field then you must have heard about Littmann stethoscopes.

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Cedars-Sinai's Bariatric Surgery Program Recognized For High Quality Of Care By American College Of Surgeons

The Cedars-Sinai Center for Weight Loss has received re-accreditation as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence from the American College of Surgeons. This is a nationally-recognized acknowledgement of the high quality of care provided at Cedars-Sinai to patients who have bariatric surgery - such as lap-band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. "We believe that a comprehensive approach to weight loss is the key to achieving long-term treatment success, " said Edward Phillips, M.D., director of the Cedars-Sinai Center for Weight Loss and chief of the division of general surgery. "This accreditation validates our approach of providing excellent surgical outcomes paired with an unwavering commitment to providing each patient with an individual, thorough and safe plan of care.

GMP Synthesis

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a term for the control, management of manufacturing and quality control applied to pharmaceutical substances intended to be used in Human clinical trials. GMP guidelines are continually evolving and the prefix c (meaning current) in cGMP is occasionally used but inferred in the acronym GMP. GMP guidelines affect the aspects of production that would affect the quality of a product. For example the manufacturing process is clearly defined and controlled, operators are trained, records are made, retained and are traceable. In addition, systems are in place that includes recall for a non conforming product.

Vial Adaptors Can Prevent Contamination Caused by Hazardous Drugs

A Vial is a glass vessel or bottle mainly used to preserve medication powders, liquids and other products like capsules. It is also used in Analytical Chromatography for separating analyte from other molecules present in mobile and stationary phase. It can have a colored, colorless, amber or clear glass. Screw vials, Crimp vials and Lip Vials are the different types available. It can have a tabular shape or may have a bottle-like shape. A medicine vial generally has a rubber or metal seal. A syringe or connector needle is pierced to draw out the medicine or other liquid from the device or to insert some liquid or compound into it. A Vial adaptor is a device that can be attached to different vial sizes.

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Life Saving and Life Taking Cytotoxic Drugs Have Dual Features

There are many drugs that are toxic in nature and cause cell degeneration. These are called Cytotoxic agents. Some of these toxic compounds can lead to loss of membrane integrity and death of cells by cell lysis. The active growth, viability and division of the cells are hampered and it may even lead to Apoptosis. Apoptosis is a cell suicide mechanism that facilitates control of cell number in metazoans. Due to Cytotoxicity, cells undergo necrosis and lose membrane integrity. Pharmaceutical companies conduct Cytotoxicity assays to measure the extent of toxic element in drugs. In many cases, Cytotoxic agents are used to cure the patients. For instance treatment of Cancer through Chemotherapy involves the use of such toxic substances.

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