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The Gerson Institute

The Gerson Institute was established in 1977, in San Diego California, by Charlotte Gerson. Charlotte, the youngest daughter of Dr. Max Gerson took an interest in his studies at a young age, and then continued the practice after Max Gerson was poisoned to death as a result of his practices. The people loved the Gerson Institute, but the United States government and the FDA were not very fond of the clinic at all. As a matter of fact the FDA felt threatened by the Gerson Institute, and so they ordered Charlotte to either shut down, or get out of the country. If Charlotte would have been allowed to continue her practice, eventually she would heal all the sick one by one as they ended up at her clinic, and so the FDA would have been put out of the drug dealing business.

What You Need to Know About Tranquilizing Drugs

When Sir William Osler made his valedictory address to the University of Pennsylvania in 1889, he chose the subject "Aequanimitas." He said, "In the physician or surgeon no quality takes rank with imperturbability." Then he defined the word: "Imperturbability means coolness and presence of mind under all circumstances, calmness amid storm, clearness of judgment in moments of grave peril, immobility, impassiveness, or to use an old and expressive word, phlegm." He was doubtful that it could be acquired except by inheritance and he thought that some of his students, "owing to congenital defects, " might never be able to acquire it. He counseled, nevertheless, that education with practice and experience might help to attain Imperturbability in fair measure.

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Stocking Up on Prescription Medications

I consider myself lucky that I have no major health problems and no recurring need of prescription medications, but a lot of people aren't so fortunate. They need certain medications, everyday or face harmful health effects or even death. Having a supply of prescription medications on hand post collapse could mean the difference between survival or being another number added to the death toll. Getting more than a 30 day supply, at least in the U.S., can be difficult if not impossible. To many druggies, peddlers and riffraff, you know the whole drug war thing. So how do you stock up on prescription medical supplies? How do you get enough on hand to see you though an extended emergency, one that could last for months or even years?

Anti-Inflammatory Cream and Its Proper Uses

When it comes to picking the right kind of anti-inflammatory cream it can sometimes be very difficult. There are literally thousands of different types and kinds of creams available on the market today and this can make it very difficult for someone to make a decision as to which one is right for them. The good news is that regardless of the brand of cream you purchase, most of them can help reduce inflammation and dull the pain that you may be feeling. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't always use care and caution when applying anti-inflammatory creams. These creams are not a substitute for your doctor. They are specifically for temporary pain relief and by no means should you neglect visiting your doctor if the pain and inflammation continues to persist in the long run.

A Nation of Pills

I remember my ex-husband's grandmother being so proud of the pills she got from her doctor. She looked like the cat that just swallowed the canary. The look on her face when she was told by the doctor that she needed more pills was quite amazing. In later years, my father was the same way. Only my father lost enough of his mind that he couldn't remember to take them. In some circles, pills seem to make the world go round. There is certainly enough money to be made by selling them. There is huge money revolved around the pharmaceutical industry and all the peripheral businesses that it encompasses. In 2001, statistics show that people spent $132 billion on 3.

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Awareness About Routes of Exposure Can Save Life

Routes of Exposure refer to the medium through which any person can be put to potential risk to health hazards. In the past few years there have been increasing cases of people working in the health care industry being affected by serious health disorders. Some of the problems they face include dermal infections, rashes, congenital malformations, reproductive disorders, and some forms of cancer. The main reason for these defects is these people are exposed to the harmful drugs used in the treatment of patients. Some life savings medicines contain toxic elements that have the potential to create adverse health effects. Studies have proved that being exposed to hazardous drugs can cause short and long term diseases.

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