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Male Breast Reduction Fastest Growing Area Of Cosmetic Surgery In Britain Last Year

The economic situation does not appear to have affected the cosmetic surgery business in Britain: new figures from a not-for-profit organisation show that the number of surgical procedures were 6.7 per cent higher in 2009 than 2008, among which the number of male breast reductions went up by 80 per cent. These figures, released on 1st February, are from the latest audit by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), a not-for-profit organisation that describes its purpose as being to advance the education and practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for public benefit. Despite the recession, said the BAAPS in a press statement, 36, 482 surgical procedures took place in Britain last year, up from 34, 187 in 2008.

Nerve Graft Transplant Can Prove Successful In Eliminating Many Life-Threatening Pressure Ulcers

The Plastic Surgery Center today announced that an innovative nerve graft transplant performed by Dr. Andrew Elkwood has proven to be successful in treating and preventing posterior pressure ulcers - one of the leading causes of mortality among paraplegics. 49-year old Tory Cavalieri, who underwent the procedure last January, has regained sensation in his posterior and is free of acute pressure sores, which had left him bedridden for years. "We are absolutely thrilled with Tory's results and the incredible implications for the wheelchair-bound community at large, " said Dr. Elkwood. "The success of this procedure can prove to be life-changing for tens of thousands of people worldwide whose lives are subjugated by acute posterior sores.

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Tax On Sugared Drinks Loses Appeal, Tanning Salons Still Fighting

Los Angeles Times: "Only months ago, supporters of the soda tax saw it as an idea whose hour was near. The sheer magnitude of the medical cost of obesity added urgency to the issue ... But opponents questioned any link between sugary drinks and obesity, and expressed concern about a slippery slope of taxes on other products. Proponents, meanwhile, thought a tax that drove down consumption while raising money for health care seemed like a natural with Democrats controlling Congress." But, the Obama White House has now rejected the idea, a congressional committee that once embraced it has refused to bring it to the table, and some interest groups -- having received support from the soft drink industry -- oppose it, even as they campaign against obesity (Hamburger and Geiger, 2/8).

BioTime Reports Results From Independent Hextend R Study

BioTime, Inc. (NYSE Amex:BTIM) reported recently-released results from an independent study evaluating the use of Hextend® in hemodynamically unstable trauma patients. Hextend (6% Hetastarch in Lactated Electrolyte Injection) is BioTime's commercially-available blood plasma volume expander used to treat hypovolemia (low blood volume). The study, conducted at the University of Miami Ryder Trauma Center, reported that initial resuscitation with Hextend was associated with no obvious coagulopathy and reduced mortality compared to fluid resuscitation without Hextend. The non-randomized observational trial was the largest involving Hextend in any group of surgical patients and was conducted by a team of physicians led by Kenneth G.

Two Studies Find Artefill R To Be A Long-Term Treatment Option For Facial Lipoatrophy

Suneva Medical, a privately-held aesthetic medical device company, announced that two clinical studies suggest Artefill may be a safe, effective, long-term treatment option for age-related and HIV lipoatrophy patients. The studies were presented at the Advances in Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology's "Maui Derm 2010" Meeting in Maui, Hawaii January 23-27th and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (AACS) Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida January 28-31st. A retrospective review of 11 patients was presented by Joseph A. Eviatar, M.D., FACS, Chelsea Eye and Cosmetic Surgery Associates, New York Medical College, at the AACS Scientific Meeting.

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An Online Pharmacy From a Customer's Perspective

Online pharmacies are the latest innovation of web technology. They offer persons with an alternative from the offline pharmacy drug stores within the region. More patients are opting for web pharmacies to obtain their medication stock. The convenience of web drug stores is the main advantage. Drugs can be bought with a little clicks and typing, compared to going towards the city to purchase a couple of pills. Aside from the ease, you can purchase more medications at a reduced price from these online pharmacies. You can also finance and allocate the medication refills you require at certain times. Instead of buying too many at a single go, you can order them before they're actually required.

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