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Over the Counter Medications - Are They Safe?

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With more and more strains of flu and colds going around, more and more kids are coming down with these common colds and flus. We all want our kids to get better as quick as possible. Most of us rush down to the local drug store and buy an over the counter cough and cold medicine to help deal with the symptoms. What most people do not realize is that these common and often overused medications are doing our kids more harm than good.

Not only are these medications toxic and dangerous, there is no substantial evidence that they are effective. In the past 50 years, there have been only 11 studies on the effect these medications have on children. Yet none of these studies show that these over the counter medications help cough and cold symptoms at all.

Additionally, there have been many cases where children have gotten sick and even died from using these medications. These recent cases pressed the FDA to pull infant doses of these medications off the shelves. The FDA has also recommended that kids under the age of six should not use over the counter medications for cough and cold. There are indications that teenagers may be added. While this is a start to addressing this serious problem, that is simply not enough. There is also no evidence that over the counter medications are effective in adults.

The best way to cure a common cold is to let nature run its course. Most colds will go away within seven days without the use of any medication. The most effective treatment for a cold is to drink plenty of warm liquids and get lots of rest. We have several whole food supplements that we recommend that are safe and effective for all ages. Their unique formulas can help boost the immune system and get rid of your cold and flu symptoms faster. Schedule an appointment today for our nutritional scan to see what supplements would benefit you the most.

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