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Prevent Or Stop Nausea With the ReliefBand Medical Device

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Nausea can be a symptom of illness or treatment for illness such as cancer as respones to motion, to perceived motion (computer games) and to high altitude. About 1/3 of the population is highly susceptible to motions sickness. 1/3 of the population is susceptible only to fairly severe conditions and the other 1/3 get nauseous only in very extreme conditions. Low tolerance for motion can limit travel for the most susceptible or preparation hours in advance via medications. ReliefBands begin to work in minutes not hours.

Morning sickness and chemotherapy or other drugs also result in nausea. Medications to stop or prevent nausea are sold both over the counter and via prescription. Side effects are common such as drowsiness, dry mouth and/or blurred vision such as from Scopolamine patches. Anticipating motion sickness is a guessing game. Do you take medications often 12 hours in advance? Do you want to pass up a glass of wine at dinner? (Most medications warn against imbiding alcoholic beverages.)

ReliefBands are FDA approved for over-the-counter use to stop or prevent nausea no matter what the cause. There are no restrictions against foods, beverages or use of other medications. Unless SeaBands which apply pressure to the Niguan point on the underside of the wrist, the Reliefband uses a mild electrical stimulation which is periodic and varies in frequency. Sooner or later, the brain ignores the pressure of the SeaBands and nausea returns or starts. ReliefBands have 5 different stimulation levels available. Relief from nausea occurs usually within 15 minutes and remains as long as the ReliefBand is activated. ReliefBands are effective for almost everyone who wears it. Do remember if nausea has persisted for hours or days, relief from nausea takes more time.

Approved by the FDA for those age 12 and older, the ReliefBand fits those with a wrist circumference up to ten inches. Use on younger children is left to the discretion of parents or guardians.

Proper positioning means putting the unit on the underside of your wrist where you would normally wear a wristwatch. First, put on either ReliefBand conductive gel or Lectron conductive gel. Then put on the ReliefBand device and tighten the band until it is comfortable but snug. Then activate by pushing the button in the middle. Increase power until you feel an intermittent buzzing sensation in your palm extending into your middle fingers. If you want to stop nausea, increase to the 4th or 5th level. Decrease the power when the nausea subsides. Annoying at best, you'll soon ignore the sensations or turn over your wrist to reduce or eliminate them. Power comes from two CR2025 batteries. At power setting 3, the batteries typically last about 140 hours. Units often last 5 or 6 years. Just remove batteries when storing for long periods of time.

Wearers of ReliefBands sometimes test them by activating the units, waiting 15 minutes and riding a roller coaster. Lightweight and about the size of a large watch, the ReliefBand and conductive gel fit in pocket or handbag for use whenever needed. Enjoy life without worry about nausea and without using drugs that can limit your choices of beverage or activity.

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