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Sony UPP-110HG Ultrasound Thermal Paper - Generic UPP-110HG Ultrasound Paper Will Not Do

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UPP-110HG high density ultrasound paper is a black and white, thermal sensitive Sony ultrasound video paper. It is possible to find cheap UPP-110HG prices online. While it is still needed as a replacement paper for the popular Sony black and white thermal printer models UP-895MD, UP-895MDSYN, and UPD-895, you can buy it today and it should be shipped right away. UPP means Ultrasound Printer Paper; HG stands for High Gloss; 110 signifies the paper's width in millimeters. There is lower gloss UPP 110, but this is High Gloss Ultrasound Printer Paper.

The high gloss finish gives a great contrast between various shades of gray in sonograms. This will help you see subtle clinical information in any image. Sony ultrasound video printers mentioned in this article require Sony UPP 110HG paper. Sonographers know that the Sony branded upp 110 works best for printing out medical imaging, rather than a generic ultrasound paper.

UPP110HG Printer Paper Packaging
Each case of UPP-110HG ultrasound paper has ten rolls. It is quite rare to find a vendor that will sell it by the roll, because a roll is good for approximately 240 prints. As long as the Sony printers UP-895MD, UP-895MDSYN, and UPD-895 are sold and still in service, UPP-110HG paper should be readily available to ship the day you order it.

UPP-110HG Print Capability
Each roll of UPP-110HG should yield approximately 240 ultrasound prints. Since it is usually sold by the case, which is ten rolls, each order will last you for a total print capability of approximately 2400 prints. The UPP110-HG black and white printing pack is for use with UP-895MD, UP-895MDSYN, and UPD-895 Sony ultrasound thermal printers. Sony's website states that it is not backward compatible with Sony UP-890MD or UP-D890 ultrasound thermal printers.

UPP 110 HG Specification

  • Black & white
  • High gloss
  • Prints are about 25% glossier than the UPP 110HD media
  • Thermal paper
  • A6 type media
  • 110mm x 20m
  • 80 um thick
  • 10 rolls per box
  • Approx. 1000 prints
  • Transfer type: Thermal paper
  • type V

This Sony ultrasound print media is black and white type V, high density, glossy, thermal image paper. Sony Print Media provides exceptional image detail and superb resolution, making it ideal for ultrasound. It is packaged 10 rolls to a box and prints approximately 240 pictures per roll. One case should yield 2400 prints.

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