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Another Complementary Medicine

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Complementary medicine can certainly help people with asthma and allergies. Some therapies help reduce stress and anxiety. Others may boost your energy levels by working along the meridians using fine needles or finger pressure, or you may drink a herbal tincture or take a homeopathic remedy. With all of them you will be taking control and thus taking responsibility for your own health.

Instead of being the patient taking medication from your doctor and hoping that the symptoms will go away so that you can get on with your life, you will become aware of your own needs, both physical and mental. For many people, non orthodox medicine offers hope and a way of living with whatever it is that afflicts them. It may even offer a cure. Equally important, it also builds self confidence.

Some complementary therapies deal with chronic diseases extremely well and do so without harmful side effects. Through complementary medicine you can learn how to harness your energy by relaxing, eating the right foods, breathing properly and increasing your mental and spiritual well being. It means looking at the cause of your illness in addition to the symptoms.

An acupuncturist would call this energy chi and tell you that it flows along an invisible network of pathways called meridians. A yoga teacher would say that energy passes through invisible holes in the body, called chakras. While conventional medicine can cure killer diseases, it is not good at dealing with chronic conditions as ailments that go on and on because there is no drug to cure them. Asthma and most allergies come into this category, along with many types of back pain, migraine, and irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue.

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