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Three Things You Should Know About Insurance Lead Generation Companies

If you are an insurance agent, you may be thinking about increasing your sales by hiring a lead generation company. If this is the case, you should learn as many details about the companies your are considering in order to make the best decision for you and your insurance business. Some lead generation companies are far better to work with and provide a much better service than others. You need to know that you are doing business with the company that will provide you with the greatest benefits. Below we outlined three key points that you probably did not know about lead generation companies. 1. Contrary to popular belief they do not have endless amounts of insurance leads sitting around waiting to pass along to agents and brokers. They spend considerable amounts of money and time marketing and gathering the leads they sell. Before they can pass them along to you, they have to of course generate them. 2. The lead generation companies actually take pride in being able to help agents and provide them with quality leads.

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Car Auto [84]

Florida No Fault Auto Insurance Facts For Minimum Requirements

The Florida No Fault Law has set the minimum car insurance requirements in this sate since 1971. The mandate requires vehicle owners to maintain a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PD) policy for all their registered vehicles. The insurance must be maintained throughout the registration period. In Florida, the required coverage limit for PIP is $10, 000. The insurance pays, regardless of fault, for 80% medical expenses, 60% lost wages, and $5, 000 in funeral expenses. Covered persons are the policyholder and other listed drivers. The required limit for PD is $10, 000 and is a benefit that pays for another persons property, such as their car, if you are at fault in an accident. Vehicle owners must show proof of insurance at each registration interval. Proof must be carried at all times while driving the car. Insurance companies are required to notify the DMV when a policy is canceled or not renewed. Failure to comply will result in driver license and vehicle registration being cancelled.

Commercial [35]

What is the Difference Between E and O and Tech E and O Insurance

Based on the above title, you are probably scratching your head and asking what does this mean. Tech Errors and Omissions was created as a response to General Liability that did not extend liability to web pages and other electronic risks. Everyone, Tech and non Tech companies, who has a website, or has gone paperless on private employee and/or client information, should have Tech E and O insurance. Some firms who have a broker who is not knowledgeable, may assume that Tech E and O is errors and omissions insurance (AKA Professional Liability) for the tech company. It is not. How can that be? It is called Tech E and O so the uniformed broker assumes this is a policy especially to cover Tech companies, but this is wrong. When it comes to E and O insurance, whether you're a Tech Firm or an Insurance Brokerage, it responds to claims for professional liability, not your Technology, but what you do. Thus if you are a Tech company and are sued under E and O (AKA Professional Liability), then it will be for things like the code you wrote was badly written which caused a tort.

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Dental [42]

Protect Your Teeth With Low Cost Dental Plans

Many consumers procrastinate when it comes to obtaining adequate dental care simply because of the high prices, but few people realize that low cost dental plans can make the necessary treatment quite affordable. Low cost dental plans are designed with ease of use in mind and will allow an individual to visit the dentist without worrying about ridiculous claim forms or other hassles. Nobody wants to pay their high dental bills with the hopes of getting reimbursed eventually, so low cost dental plans are intended to make the process as easy as possible without any paperwork. While some people may believe that routine oral care and trips to the dentist serve a cosmetic purpose, the simple fact of the matter is that many major issues can easily be prevented with appropriate treatment. Extracting and repairing a rotten tooth, for example, can cost thousands of dollars and may prove to be very painful services. Other advanced procedures may even require sedation and the expenses can quickly sky rocket.

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Disability [35]

Disability Insurance to Protect Alimony Payments in a Divorce

Face it, a divorce is not much fun, however it is a reality that many adults eventually face. If you are currently involved in a divorce, have you thought about how to protect any alimony payments in the event your ex-spouse becomes disabled? Some of the best divorce attorneys are now requiring an individual disability insurance policy be purchased any time there is alimony involved in a divorce settlement. Think about it, you stand about a 30% chance of suffering a long term disability between now and the age of 65 that will last for 90 days or longer. The average length of a disability is 3.2 years, so what would happen to an alimony payment if the person responsible for making that monthly payment was unable to work for an extended period of time because of a sickness or injury? There are several major types of disability insurance in the market today. One can have group LTD available through work, a plan through a professional association, or an individually owned disability insurance policy that a person bought directly from a major insurance company.

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Flood [35]

Get Protected Against Increasing Flood Activity

Homeowners all over the UK have had the frightening thought of how well they're covered in the event of flood damage to the most important of their personal assets; their home. Thousands of families now find themselves dwelling in flood plains, and live with the looming threat that they can be hit with flood damage practically without warning. With the recent flood activity that's been experienced across the UK, and the ensuing damages that property owners have had to face; people have experienced a lot of difficulty attempting to find an insurance company that will provide flood risk insurance coverage. Increases in the number of areas facing possible flooding has increased over the years, and the number is expected to continue to grow with the erosion of the polar ice caps caused by global warming. Flood insurance cover is vital in uncertain times when families can't afford the unexpected expense of replacing valuable assets. It is a common occurrence for a policy holder to experience devastation from a damaging storm that destroys their treasured belongings, and then receive heart breaking news from their insurance agent who has to tell them that they're not covered for much or all of their losses.

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Health [47]

Premium Players and the Insurance Policies

The University of South Carolina has one of the most highly insured college football teams around for a very long time. Majority of the football pros are insured through a sports health insurance package that offer well over 10 million dollars worth of medical and catastrophic coverage. There are also a number of popular football players that are also trying to obtain the best and most comprehensive insurance plans to cover in case of insury and other unforseen catastrophic injuries should they sustain any in the future due to the football sport. However, this pursuit is easier said than done because while searching for an affordable health insurance to compensate them and their families later in life due to injuries these policies are anything but cheap. In today's issue, medical insurance has become a necessity in the football sport even on the college level. In several cases, these expensive medical insurance plans are for the catastrophic life-long injuries that will prevent a popular sports player from ever playing in his field again.

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What You Must Know About Unoccupied Property Insurance

Many homeowners have never realized the need for unoccupied property insurance, until it was too late. Imagine the frustration and bewilderment after being gone from home for an extended time and finding some damage or loss to your property upon returning home. Then you learn that homeowner's insurance won't cover it had been changed. What? That's right. Insurance companies can change your coverage if your home is unoccupied for as little as 30 days. Insurance companies do not like vacant property. For them it represents a much higher risk than occupied property (damage, vandalism, theft, etc.). So, there are set limits as to the number of days your home can go unoccupied before they will automatically change coverage to unoccupied property insurance (as little as 30 days in some instances). Unoccupied (or vacant) property insurance basically greatly reduces the amount of insurance on the actual structure and greatly increases the amount of liability insurance. If you know ahead of time that your absence from home will exceed your company's set limit of days before automatically changing to unoccupied property insurance, you will likely be able to pay a set fee to maintain your full coverage until the time of your return.

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A Few Tips For Getting the Lowest Term Life Insurance

Getting the lowest term life insurance will require a little research and time to make sure that you are canvassing all of the possible insurers who have low rates. There are thousands of insurance providers and finding the lowest premiums is often a challenge unless you take advantage of some of the options that are now available on the Internet. Once you have found the provider offering the lowest premium, you can usually get the policy adjusted and designed to meet your specific needs. One easy place to see about cheap life insurance is from your car insurance provider. Car insurance providers often offer bundles with significant discounts when a person gets all of their insurance from them. In some cases the discount offered will be less than the lowest provider you will find through other sources. When you are deciding on the providers to compare, it will be good to have an idea of the amount of money you want to spend on your premiums. This will help you to narrow down the providers you compare.

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I Don't Need No Stinking Long Term Care Insurance - Think Again!

Long Term Care Insurance used to be such a hard sell for people to even consider the need for such a policy. But, as we baby boomers age and begin to experience the cost of long term care we have begun to take a second look at these policies. It used to be that a nursing home paid by the government would be how most senior citizens would expect to live the last months or years of their life. Now the options include home care, assisted living and newer continuing level of care communities. Though government subsidies are beginning to be available for these type of "premium" care facilities the better ones will cost more than what the government will pay. To give ourselves the most options on where and how we live out our golden years it will require that a supplement be paid from your long term care insurance policy. As our life expectancy continues to increase the number of people living longer has never been higher. This puts a strain on the residences available which in turn increases the cost of these residences as the demand increases.

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Mobile Phone Insurance - Recover the Expenses and Data of Your Lost Mobile Phone

There was a time when handsets were supposed to be just a status symbol for the people. But, now these are also a vital need for the individuals. If you are an entrepreneur, then running the business without these lightweight devices is almost impossible. On the other hand, the handsets are not just the means of communication, but they have become the multi-functional gadgets now-a-days. Due to such usefulness of mobile phone devices, today the incidences of theft of handsets have also been increased. On the other hand, it is quite often that likewise other lightweight devices, you can loose your handsets as well due to damage etc. Question arises what to do in that situation? These days, you have an excellent option to recover your loss. Now like home insurance, car insurance etc., you can also get Mobile Phone Insurance also. So if you loose your handset, you are not required to pay all the amount of gadget, insurance company will help you a lot in this regard. Some of the mobile phone brands have alliance with insurance companies.

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Pet [34]

How Do You Choose Which Pet Insurance is Best?

How do you choose which pet insurance is going to give you all of the coverage you need while also getting the best price possible? There is a lot of competition out there in the world of insurance for pets so you are spoiled for choice. Of course, you also want to make sure that you're providing the medical attention you need to provide in case your pet ever gets really sick or seriously injured. Part of determining not only which pet insurance is best for you but if you want to take out insurance at all is evaluating how far you would go to medically treat your pet. Once upon a time we didn't have the same type of medical options that we have today when it comes to our pets' health. We often ended up putting our pets to sleep in exchange for saving them from a terrible, long, drawn out death. Today you have a greater range of diagnostic tools available. It is almost impossible to leave the vet's office for less than $100. Part of this is to help cover the expense of equipment like MRI machines and life support units.

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RV Motorcycle [32]

Be Sure to Check Caravan Insurance Prices

Caravan insurance is not something that everybody would immediately consider when purchasing or renting a caravan, yet it is actually of great importance. Indeed, it is necessary to insure a caravan or motorhome in order to ensure that stress free holidays can be enjoyed on a regular basis, as without such insurance the risk of theft and damage can play heavy on an individual's mind. However, choosing between the various different types of caravan insurance is not all that straightforward, so it is useful to understand what such policies actually offer in order to objectively decide whether one is more suitable than another. Furthermore, the task of choosing a caravan insurance policy is made all the more difficult when it comes to assessing the cost effectiveness of each premium. Therefore, those who are in search of insurance cover for their caravan must first choose between several different policies that are designed for specific types of caravan. In fact, there are a number of different insurance packages available that cover caravans, motorhomes and tents, so it is important to ensure that these do actually provide the specific type of insurance that is required when checking prices.

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Supplemental [31]

Why Buy a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare supplement insurance is a must take action for those who live in a fixed income structure. It's better to fix something before a financial chaos takes place than after an accident. One should take some precautionary measures so that you do not have to bother about your finance at times of dire necessity. Medical supplement insurance can be a solution of this problem. The companies that provide Medicare supplement insurance are entailed by the low to offer only 14 plans. All the plans should cover a specific range of expenses. It's easy to find out the details of the plans as the information is available in the websites of the companies. However, it is important for one to take time to find out the best Medicare Supplement Plan for him/her. Before going to shop for the Supplement insurance one should know about the facilities that can be covered by a general Medicare plan. It is the first step to understand what kind of supplement he/she needs after Medicare coverage. The services one may get from a Medicare are the doctor costs and extra charges (part B), hospital costs (part A), at home recovery, emergencies in foreign travel, costs of skilled nursing home, blood bank services, prescribed medication costs and for the costs of preventive care.

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Travel [34]

Travel Insurance - Useful Tips

Travel insurance is usually offered to you as a routine part of booking your trip or vacation package. This is true whether you are booking it through a customer service representative at an airline or through an agency. Your Credit Card is A Source of Coverage Many credit card companies also offer free Travel insurance as part of their services. You should check to make sure what your card covers before you purchase additional insurance from an airline or agent. Credit cards offer this type of insurance as a privilege for using their card. A good Travel insurance policy should cover the basics such as lost luggage, medical and hospital expenses and the cost of a cancelled flight. Many of the credit cards will even cover the price of putting you up in a hotel if you are stranded at an airport because of a storm or other last minute catastrophe. Sometimes Insurance from a Provider is Worth It How expensive your premiums are may also depend on how long you intend to stay in the foreign land.

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Umbrella [30]

Business Owner's Policy - BOP

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) refers to the insurance package, which is a combination of both property insurance and liability insurance. The reasonable price tag makes this option more attractive for the small businesses instead of buying separate policies for property insurance and liability insurance. Business owner's policy is not suitable for the large businesses because they do not fulfill the eligibility criteria for this policy. Insurance companies feel that large business involve greater amount of risk so they do not consider them for BOP. Eligibility Criteria: On the contrary, small and medium businesses are suitable candidates for business owner's policy. Eligibility criteria for this policy are liability limits, premises size, nature of the business and activities performed offsite. These factors along with financial stability, location of business, security measures, and quality of construction and possibilities of fire determine the price of the BOP. There are vast variety of businesses are eligible for business owner's policy.

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Vision [18]

Vision Insurance: Your Child's Vision and Preparing for Unforeseen Problems

Today, 1 in 4 children has an undiagnosed vision problem. Although, the chances of developing a vision problem are greater if there is a history of eyesight problems in your family, many children with no such family history encounter a troublesome vision issue. Television is not the only culprit responsible for the deterioration of your child"s eyesight. Children are now spending an alarming amount of time in front of the computer screen. Optometrists warn that heavy computer usage is known to increase your chances of developing blurry and double vision. Loss of vision is not to be taken lightly and the individuals who are most affected are children. A child"s untreated vision problem can lead to learning and behavioral problems. Teachers and parents often struggle trying to understand why a child is not doing well in school or why they are acting out in the classroom and at home. Many times the simple explanation is that the child cannot read the blackboard or even the pages in front of them.

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Watercraft [31]

Tips For Choosing Insurance Companies

Responsible boat owners are faced with similar issues as car owners when it comes to choosing an insurance company. There is no shortage of boat insurance companies but sorting through them all can be overwhelming. So how do you choose? There really is no right or wrong answer to this question, but there are things that should be considered. Priority one for any boat owner should be what kind of coverage you want. Many people just assume the agent knows their products and buys what he or she may suggest. The price of the premium should not be your main concern, however it will be a consideration. The cost of insurance is one of those things that seem like a burden. That's is until you have a claim. Try to choose the maximum boat insurance coverage possible within your financial constraints. You will be glad you did when it is claim time. Insurance companies are rated by various rating organizations such as Standard and Poor's, and those ratings will paint a financial stability picture of the companies you are trying to choose from.

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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is designed to help people who're injured on the job. It compensates them for money that they've lost when their injury stops them from working. It can also compensate them if they're injured because of something negligent that their employer did, or something that employer was supposed to correct or warn about but did not. How it works and what it can do for you are both very important issues that all employees should understand. Who Qualifies For Workers Compensation? In order to qualify for workers compensation, you need to be working for someone else. A self-employed writer who gets carpal tunnel, for example, wouldn't be eligible for workers compensation. It's a type of insurance, and it has to be paid by the employer. The regulations on who has to provide workers compensation insurance to employees can vary based on the size of the business and what type of company it is. Not every company is obligated to provide it, and some are only obligated to provide it to certain employees - such as full-time and not part-time workers.

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