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How Do You Prevent Constipation Without Changing Your Diet?

Constipation is so widespread and common that for many people, it is a way of life. As medically defined, you can consider yourself constipated if you have three or fewer bowel movements per week. The good news is that constipation is 100% reversible, however reversal depends largely on modifying your poor diet. What causes constipation in the first place? High consumption of eggs, cheese, meat, fast food, and foods low in fiber. A diet that includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables helps significantly to solve the problem of constipation, but maybe this is where you encounter your first roadblock: if you don't want to change your diet, then what do you do?

How to Relieve Constipation

Believe it or not there are natural, food remedies to relieve constipation. Simple changes in your diet can reduce your symptoms of constipation. The changes will also help your overall digestive health. Lack of fiber is one of the biggest reasons to be experiencing constipation. Most modern diets are lacking in fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. So many people depend on pre-made meals and fast food. Restaurants don't have the necessary fiber either. The first step in your diet change is easy, include fiber rich foods. Fiber is not just good for constipation, it can prevent hemorrhoids and reduce cholesterol. Dietary fiber is the plant materials that aren't digested in the intestines.

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Ohio Changes Medicaid Drug Program, N.C. Weighs Cuts In Medicaid Personal Care Services

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Ohio's seven Medicaid managed care plans this month will make changes in the prescription drug plans that cover about 1.5 million people, although many of those beneficiaries will not face increased costs. The changes are expected to save the state about $243 million. "Members who are exempt, such as children under the age of 21, pregnant women, people who are in the hospital, those in a long-term care facilities such as nursing homes as well as consumers receiving hospice and family planning services will not have to pay [for prescriptions]. But about 400, 000 residents statewide will now have a co-pay for certain medications.

Restore Colon Health

There are many weight loss trends out there that are designed to reduce calorie intake for a number so low that failure is inevitable. Starving, the body is not the best way to lose weight. Real weight loss begins with a healthy body and with the old eating habits fill the colon of toxins, colon cleansing is a first step towards better health. People tend to think of a colon cleansing is all about relieving constipation, but this is not the only benefit of a cleaning. When food is accumulated in the intestine, absorbing vitamins and nutrients becomes more difficult and health is adversely affected. What types of food accumulate in the colon to stop weight loss?

Investigation: Washington State Moves Medicaid Nursing Home Patients To Adult Family Homes

The Seattle Times investigates Washington's practice of relocating some Medicaid patients from nursing homes to adult family homes. "Jeri Ringseth had no business being in an adult family home. Her physical and mental disabilities are so significant that she's spent most of her adult life in nursing homes or state hospitals. ... Ringseth is just one of thousands of Medicaid recipients who have been steered by the state from expensive nursing homes into adult family homes, which cost the state one-third as much. These homes are a growing, little-regulated housing option for the state's aged - as well as for the poor and frail, such as Ringseth, who cannot care for themselves alone.

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The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment and Hemorrhoid Cures

Statistics tell us that more than 40% of the adult population will suffer from the symptoms of hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Hemorrhoids, or piles, are basically any form of vein inflammation in or around the lower rectal regions. Have you seen blood on your toilet paper? Have you experienced itching in your anus region? Do you feel pain during constipation? These are all signals that you may have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid conditions, although common, can be painful, annoying and embarrassing. In the most severe cases, hemorrhoid tissue can fall like a lump outside your rectum. Here are the top three-lifestyle mistakes that most commonly lead to hemorrhoid conditions.

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