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What Really Causes Sinus Drainage and is it a Sinus Infection? - Nurse's Guide

Okay so you have a lot of sinus drainage and you're wondering what you can do about it or if it's a sinus infection symptom. Or maybe you wonder if it's anything to worry about or do you have sinusitis, etc. The answer to that is the sinus drainage is a good thing. It means your sinuses are functioning properly and draining as they should. If they were not draining you would be stuffed up, congested, uncomfortable and may even be totally miserable. A quart of sinus fluid needs to move through the sinuses every day. The sinuses are simply pockets of air and are called sinus cavities. There are four sets of these sinus cavities. These cavities produce mucous that has to move through these cavities 24 hours a day.

What You Should Know About Olive Leaf For Cold Relief!

Did you know, that olive leaf extract can actually be used to help relieve any cold or flu symptoms that you may be experiencing? It is amazing how many traditional remedies can be over looked in these modern times, and using olive leaf for cold relief if no exception. It can be used for a whole range of maladies, and has many medicinal uses. This even includes the prevention of serious conditions like diabetes, and surprisingly heart disease. If taken as a prevention method, it can be quite beneficial to your overall health. As I have previously stated, olive leaf for cold, and even for flu is a traditional remedy, but one that really works.

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Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

There are many procedure and even topical application you can use for bleeding hemorrhoid treatment.And allow me to stress that when you experience bleeding in the anal area, it is imperative that you treat it immediately as hemorrhoidal bleeding can mask symptoms of other, more serious ailments like cancer. As a bleeding hemorrhoid treatment, you can employ the following: PILLS There are several medication pills in the market to choose as your bleeding hemorrhoid treatment. Its main mechanism of action is mainly reducing the swelling quickly to stop the bleeding as well as minimizing the risks of new flair ups. SURGERY If hemorrhoid has gone on its more serious stages and is seriously affecting your daily life, surgery may be the last resort.

What Are the Cures For Poison Oak Rash?

Poison oak, just like poison ivy and poison sumac, is a plant that upon contact, causes a rash in the skin, that later evolves into a series of blisters of varying severity. The cures for poison oak are aimed at alleviating the symptoms that come with the rash, mainly the itching and the blistering. There are different approaches, and in this article we'll expand on these. Cooling the rash. Cool temperature has an excellent effect in the relief of itching. The most common way to apply cooling, is thanks to compresses of cold water that you can make by using a cloth or a towel; you need to put it on top of the infected areas. Another alternative you have to cure poison oak is by using ice directly on the affected areas, just grab some ice with a small towel and rub it on top until you can no longer feel the rash.

Anus Bleeding - Best Treatment to Stop

If you have noticed your anus bleeding then you may feel very worried as well as embarrassed. But there is no need to be overly concerned. It is most likely that you are suffering from the condition known as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that afflicts millions of us each year. More often than not they are the result of a problem with the digestive system. If you have been to see a doctor about the problem then they may have prescribed you certain medications to address the issue, but there are also home remedies and over the counter options that can be equally if not more effective. The main issue relating to the condition is not just the small amount of blood present on the anus but also the irritation and itching that occurs.

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Bloody Feces Does Not Mean Chronic Illness

It may be absolutely frightening to discover blood feces when you go to the bathroom one day. It is not the end of the world but it is not something that you need to panic about. The worst thing to do is to ignore that this has occurred and then hope that it will go away on its own. It might go away on its own if your bloody stool was caused by a high fiber diet over the past couple days and reduce the amount of fiber that you consume. However, if your condition was caused by something a little more serious the consequences of you ignoring the condition can be painful, if not costly in the end. The color of the blood is a big indication of what can be happening medically with you.

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