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Poison Ivy Treatment For Children

Every year, thousands of children suffer from poison ivy rash, especially during spring and summer, where they spend time outdoors playing. The terrible rash appears after coming in contact with a toxin found in the resin of the plant, named urushiol. As parents we need to know how to give poison ivy treatment to our children and minimize the itching for the upcoming days. Besides the itching, blisters will appear on the skins; these blisters will be filled with fluid, and we should tell our kids not to touch them or else they will have to deal with scaring. Many people believe the fluid spreads the toxin, but that's not true. A lot times urushiol remains under the child fingernails or in the clothing the brought from outside.

Today's Opinions And Editorials

The Home Stretch Toward A More Caring U.S. The Toronto Star Progressives will be dismayed by the compromises required to gain this bill's passage. But a look back at the primitive Social Security 1.0 and Medicare 1.0 before later improvements were made to each should reassure them that laying the foundation is the landmark achievement that makes possible a more caring society (David Olive, 1/3). Avoid Legal Fight By Paying More To Front-Line Hospitals The Boston Globe The state will not continue to be a national leader in health reform if its Medicaid rates undermine the very hospitals that are on the front lines of universal care (1/4). Don't Trust States To Create Health Care Exchanges USA Today To look at a state like Florida, for instance, it's hard to see what would be gained by bringing its political apparatus into decision-making about health care (1/4).

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Hemorrhoids Home Remedies - Do They Work?

If you have been living with hemorrhoids for some time you may be currently in some considerable pain, which is making it difficult for you to be living your daily life. If you are finding it hard to sit down or pass stools you may be looking for any way to cure the problem. You may have tried all different types of creams and ointments to no success and have come across stories about home remedies that can cure this horrid illness. Therefore the main question you may have is Do they work? and can you trust these homeopathic solutions to common ailments. The main concern about natural cures is that the treatment you follow must be credited and has to have been very successful in its usage by existing people.

Physicians Raise Concerns About Proposed Medicare Changes

The health care legislation being considered by Congress seeks to reform Medicare and look for alternatives to the fee-for-service payment system, which critics say discourages care coordination and quality. American Medical News reports on one alternative called bundling, in which "doctors and hospitals are paid for all services to a patient in an episode of care for a particular condition. ... Hospitals already have experience with a form of bundled payments through the diagnosis-related group payment system. But extending the concept to physicians would encourage doctors and hospitals to work together to control costs and improve quality, stated the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission in a June 2008 report calling for Medicare to test payment bundling.

External Hemorrhoid Problems - What Reduces Piles?

External hemorrhoids are the lumps that you may have noticed protruding out of your anus. Whether you suffer from mild or more serious external hemorrhoids, you will want to take action to prevent them from getting any more worse. You may feel some itching, pain and sometimes tingling sensation around your anus, and this will indicate that your hemorrhoids are already in a bad condition, so you must take action before they develop to a more serious problem. This serious problem is usually what is referred to as a thrombosed hemorrhoid because a blood clot can form within the vein of the hemorrhoid. This is caused when the blood supply to that hemorrhoid becomes cut off.

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Metabolic Risks Unmonitored In Medicaid Patients On Antipsychotics

Despite government warnings and professional recommendations about diabetes risks associated with second-generation antipsychotic drugs, fewer than one-third of Medicaid patients who are treated with these medications undergo tests of blood glucose or lipid levels, according to a report in the January issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. In 2003, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began requiring a warning on labels of second-generation antipsychotics-including olanzapine, fluoxetine and risperidone-describing an increased risk for high blood sugar and diabetes, according to background information in the article.

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