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Eat Healthy Foods to Reduce Heart Disease

Heart disease kills every 7 minutes in Canada. Obesity and lack of exercise can contribute to cardiovascular problems. Choosing and eating wisely and engaging in physical activities will greatly reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Reduce Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Swiss chard is loaded with potassium and is rich in calcium and magnesium. Fresh herbs like rosemary, chives, parsley, sage, thyme, and oregano are rich in antioxidants. They also add much more flavour to foods than salt. Low fat or nonfat yogurt has 50% more blood pressure lowering calcium and potassium than low fat milk. The other foods that lower high blood pressure are skimmed milk, fruit, and protein like lean meats, fish, skinless chicken and turkey.

Calculating Cholesterol - Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels by Eating Tomato Ketchup

Calculating Cholesterol - Tomato Ketchup has been a big family favorite addition for generations. It is the most popular sauce in the United Kingdom. We can have it with breakfast lunch and dinner. Where would the great British fried breakfast of bacon and eggs be without Tomato Ketchup? Same for sausages and mash or burgers or bacon rolls or fish and chips, the list goes on and on. I even know people who put their favorite tomato ketchup on a roast dinner! For years now, it has been known that tomatoes are good for our health, including reducing the risk of prostate cancer. One study showed that the risk of prostate cancer can be reduced by 45% by eating 10 portions of tomatoes a day.

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Low Cholesterol Foods - Discover the Best Natural Method to Lower a Dangerous Cholesterol Level

Ongoing high level research continues to show that the level of ldl or "bad" cholesterol is lower in people who regularly include low cholesterol foods in their daily diet. One of the safest ways to deal with this potentially serious health condition is through a combination of a good balanced low cholesterol diet, a well formulated complementary daily supplement and daily exercise. Consider this, then: It is really not as hard as you might think to find and select the right ingredients for a healthy and nutritious diet. There are many different types of fresh, readily available, quality lean meats, fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts that can all be safely classified as low cholesterol foods, Don't forget that it is just as important, too, to avoid the high cholesterol, high fat and sugary foods like most dairy products, commercial "fast foods" and carbonated soft drinks.

Learn How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Live a Longer and Healthier Life

Let's face it, most of us would like to learn how to lower cholesterol safely. Popular statin drugs can have serious health consequences which the pharmaceutical companies try to keep quiet so it's worth noting that there are some better natural alternatives that can help. The two main types of cholesterol are LDL which is the bad one that can block your arteries and HDL the good one that clears away the LDL. What is very important in my opinion is to avoid any statin drugs that are so often pushed out by doctors too quickly as these can lower your cholesterol but at a high price to your health. Statins lower the production of an essential enzyme called CoQ10 which produces energy in all the body's cells and is vital for proper heart function.

Best Cholesterol Control Supplements - What to Look For When Choosing a Supplement

When choosing the best cholesterol control supplements there are specific key factors that you need to be looking for. Ultimately the goal that you want to achieve is not to totally remove cholesterol as your body needs to function properly, you simply want to get the balance right. What we are specifically looking to do is: Reduce production Reduce absorption Decrease circulating blood fats and cholesterol particles Increase the excretion of cholesterol carrying bile acid Lower oxidization of cholesterol So in a nutshell what we are trying to do is increase the amount of HDL cholesterol, reduced the amount of LDL cholesterol in our blood, and what excess cholesterol there is we either want to take back to the liver to be reprocessed or excreted from the body.

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Genetic Link To Heart Failure

A team of researchers, at Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, has identified a group of 12 genetic variants in the HSPB7 gene that is associated with heart failure in humans. The team, led by Gerald Dorn, used an approach they have recently developed that allows ultra-high-throughput targeted DNA sequencing to identify genetic variation in four genes with biological relevance to heart failure. They identified in a large group of Caucasian individuals with heart failure, 129 separate genetic variants in the four genes, including 23 that seemed to be novel. Further analysis of 1117 Caucasian individuals with heart failure and 625 nonaffected Caucasians indicated that a block of 12 genetic variants in the HSPB7 gene was associated with heart failure.

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