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Lowering High Cholesterol Levels

Raised cholesterol level equals increased risk of heart disease and in many cases diabetes and many forms or cancer. There are two main causes of high cholesterol levels: - Saturated fats - found mostly in animal products - Hydrogenated fats - found mostly in pastries, cookies, margarines and other processed foods. You can take an action and lower your cholesterol levels significantly by introducing some changes into your diet and exercise patterns. These are the main steps you can take: - Eat plenty of fibre rich whole grains, vegetables, fruit and organic soy products - Introduce more movement and exercise into your everyday life In general, the higher the intake of fibre (found in whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits) in your diet, the lower the level of cholesterol you will have in your blood.

New Procedure Cuts Arrhythmia, Recovery Time

A surgeon and an electrophysiologist in the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center last week worked together to perform a novel, minimally-invasive procedure to treat a common but dangerous arrhythmia in a 61-year-old lawyer from east Texas who has suffered from the condition for months. By combining their talents, the physicians could perform the procedure through two small incisions, rather than six, which is common for minimally-invasive approaches. "We're hoping that by combining the expertise of a surgeon with that of an electrophysiologist, we'll make the treatment more effective, while also making it easier on the patient in terms of recovery time, " said Dr.

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How to Safely Lower Your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is the combination of two numbers, such as 120 over 80. This is a normal, safe reading. When the first number, the systolic pressure, reaches 140 or higher and stays there consistently, this is considered high. The bottom number, or diastolic pressure, is high at 90 or above. Both numbers do not have to be high for your blood pressure to be considered high. If you are experiencing high BP, your doctor may want to you to try to safely lower your BP naturally before prescribing one of the many medications designed for that purpose. There are many things that can cause high BP, each of which has a possible safe and natural solution.

Your Heart and Circulation

Trouble with the human body may be approached from the point of view of its structure or its function. The heart may be enlarged, or its valves may leak or be narrowed, or its blood supply may be inadequate because of blocking. The changes in structure produce changes in function which are reflected in symptoms. From the functional point of view the heart may beat too fast or too slowly, or irregularly. Its beat may be weak or strong. The heart may be overactive or underactive. When the heart is overactive people complain of palpitation. The heart sounds are loud and the pulse is full and bounding. Signs of an overactive heart may be seen when one has had severe exercise or emotional stress.

What Are in the Best Diets For High Cholesterol?

The best diets for high cholesterol incorporate scientific information with innovative recipes to achieve a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience. But the best diets for high cholesterol generally don't come without some sacrifice, and quite honestly if you are used to cooking everything in high saturated fat butter, a taste adjustment period will be waiting just around the corner. Nevertheless, rest assured you will make it through. I did and so can you! Did you know that the liver typically makes all the cholesterol your body needs for optimal health? Most people don't know this small tidbit of valuable information. So common sense tells us that any extra cholesterol we consume will need to be eliminated by the body, otherwise it will hang around and eventually end up in the arteries.

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How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Is A Heart Attack Identifiable? Most of the time, a heart attack does not happen as dramatic as what you would normally see on TV and cinemas. One person may have a different experience from the other, and the symptoms and signs may vary to a certain level and degree. Often enough, males and females do experience different symptoms and signs altogether. There are however some classic signs and symptoms that are easily identifiable. We need to listen to our body, and be sensitive to unusual changes consciously. Except for those with intense and sudden pain, most heart attack begins with slight discomfort in the chest accompanied by mild pain.

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