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Cholesterol Numbers - Learn About a Safe Natural Method to Reach and Maintain the Right Levels

Your blood cholesterol numbers tell a story about who you are and what type of diet you consume. Understanding the meaning of acceptable cholesterol numbers is very important so that you can take appropriate steps to remedy any possible threats to your good health. If you are 20 or older, you should check your cholesterol level at least once every 5 years as a regular check-up. Start by talking to your doctor to get a total picture of your blood cholesterol numbers by taking a simple test called a lipoprotein profile. This complete blood cholesterol levels test will include readings for: * Total Cholesterol * LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) * HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol) * Blood Triglycerides Have you ever wondered what the range of optimum levels should be?

Abbott's XIENCE V R Approved In Japan - Second Largest Drug Eluting Stent Market Worldwide

Abbott announced that the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has approved its XIENCE V® Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Japan is the second largest drug eluting stent market in the world after the United States, with approximately 200, 000 stent procedures performed each year. The company plans to launch XIENCE V in Japan in the upcoming weeks, immediately following final reimbursement authorization. "With today's approval, physicians in Japan will now have access to a next-generation drug eluting stent that offers outstanding ease of use and excellent clinical performance and safety.

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What Are the Symptoms of Heart Diseases?

Heart diseases are serious ailments proving to be fatal sometimes since the heart failure means the stoppage of blood in the body, thereby the supply of oxygen to the parts. Heart diseases are characterized by some symptoms which are very common and known to all. The first and the foremost being rapid or irregular heart beats. Termed as heart palpitation, it clearly shows that there is something amiss with the rhythmic flow of heart beat. Chest pain is also closely related with heart pain and covers the neck, abdomen and the neighboring area. However it is not considered a concrete symptom of heart disease since any other organ might also produce similar sign.

VA Expected To Move Soon To Cover More Effects Of Agent Orange

The Department of Veterans Affairs may need to pay heavily to treat veterans who have been adversely affected by Agent Orange. McClatchy/Beaufort (S.C.) Gazette report: "The cost of war -- on veterans' health and taxpayer wallets -- will loom a little larger in the new year when the Department of Veterans Affairs issues a final rule to claim adjudicators to presume three more diseases of Vietnam veterans, including heart disease, were caused by exposure to Agent Orange. The rule, expected to be published soon, will make almost any veteran who set foot in Vietnam, and is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, B cell leukemia or ischemic heart disease (known also as coronary artery disease), eligible for disability compensation and VA medical care.

Heart Diseases - Risk Factors

Heart is the pumping organ of the body which pumps in the life blood to all the parts and also purifies the blood. Its safety and healthy functioning is the prerequisite for a healthy living. But the external environment as well our own habits pose some threats or we can say risks to our hearts and those already suffering with any heart ailment have to be doubly cautious. First and the foremost is the eating habit which can be the biggest risk to heart. Diet should be free from excess fat and cholesterol since it reduces the power of heart in pumping blood. Fat should not be insoluble which does not dissolve and gets deposited in the body. Sedentary lifestyle is also a major contributor to heart disease.

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Emerging Healthcare Begins Due Diligence

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EHSI) under their exclusive option agreement with Thrombovision, has begun due diligence to aggressively seek the establishment of business opportunities with the new patented T-Guide Platelet Function Analyzer. The new analyzer consists of a desktop instrument and a disposable test kit that can be located at doctors' offices and will become a front-line technology that could help prevent heart attacks, strokes and stent occlusions by directly analyzing a patient's platelet status on-site. This new technology should enable doctors to directly measure platelet status as easily as measuring cholesterol.

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