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How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

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Is A Heart Attack Identifiable?

Most of the time, a heart attack does not happen as dramatic as what you would normally see on TV and cinemas. One person may have a different experience from the other, and the symptoms and signs may vary to a certain level and degree. Often enough, males and females do experience different symptoms and signs altogether.

There are however some classic signs and symptoms that are easily identifiable. We need to listen to our body, and be sensitive to unusual changes consciously.

Except for those with intense and sudden pain, most heart attack begins with slight discomfort in the chest accompanied by mild pain. This may last for several hours at the onset. If left unattended, the pain will likely intensify.

Recognize some of the general Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms

  • Discomfort in the Chest Area - The pain is intermittent and occurs around the chest area. It may feels like the pressure of squeezing and tightening at the chest, and last for a few minutes each time. There is a certain level of unexplained discomfort at each occurrence.
  • Cold Sweat Breakout - Regardless of the weather or level of activity that the person is engaged in, one just breakout in cold sweat.
  • Strain or Stress - One might feel unusually stressed for no reason, or experienced pain and strain in areas like the neck, jaw, arms, stomach and back.
  • Breathlessness - The most classic breathlessness is experienced by most patients, even at the absence of chest pain or discomfort.

Signs and Symptoms more commonly experience by Women

  • Giddiness - The woman may feel giddy and even blackout for a moment, not knowing what had happened.
  • Heartbeat Palpitations - A sense of nervousness and tension builds up even when she is doing a routine task. This further triggers her heartbeat to palpitate and give rise to nervous anxiety.
  • Nauseous - Similar to stomach or gastric upset, this symptom often gets neglected.

From statistics, heart attack proved more fatal to women especially the elderly. In a severe case, the women had a lower chance of surviving the next 24 hours in the hospital. Immediate recognition and treatment is vital for survival.

What to do if you recognize some of the signs and symptoms of heart attack? If you believed you have spotted any of the above symptoms or signs and have reasons to suspect a heart attack, call for an ambulance immediately. Every minute counts. Delay in treatment could lead to permanent damage or death.

If you know someone who has a past history of heart attack, administer aspirin or the emergency medication that he or she carries without delay. Heart attack is fatal if left untreated. It can happen to anyone at anytime and place without warning.

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