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Appetite Suppressed By 'Starving' Fat

Peptides that target blood vessels in fat and cause them to go into programmed cell death (termed apoptosis) could become a model for future weight-loss therapies, say University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers. A research team led by Randy Seeley, PhD, of UC's Metabolic Diseases Institute, has found that obese animal models treated with proapoptotic peptide experienced decreased food intake and significant fat loss. The study was published online ahead of print Jan. 26, 2010, in Diabetes, the official journal of the American Diabetes Association. White adipose (fat) tissue is vascularized, much like a tumor, and growth of fat tissue is highly dependent on the tissue's ability to build new blood vessels - a phenomenon called angiogenesis.

Omron Heart Rate Monitor HR100 at a Glance

If you have even been the slightest bit aware of all the focus that the media has put on the various aspects of exercise and fitness over the last couple of years, then you are probably well aware of the importance of ensuring the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. There has been a tide of overwhelming evidence put forth recently supporting the theory that one of the best ways to guarantee your continued health and well-being well into your later years is by taking good care of your heart. Eating a healthy balanced diet, managing stress levels effectively and of course embarking on a well planned out, sensible exercise routine.

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Young Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Could Benefit From New Research

New research on Type 2 diabetes by Trinity College Dublin researchers could benefit young adults (aged 18-25 years) with the condition. The research led by Professor John Nolan of Trinity College Dublin and St James's Hospital, Dublin, has just been published online in the leading international journal, Diabetes CareĀ. The study findings demonstrate new mechanisms in muscle cells that may explain severe insulin resistance which is the body's decreased ability to respond to the effects of insulin, and a reduced response to aerobic exercise in young obese patients with Type 2 diabetes. These important findings will contribute in the longterm to the development of more specific treatments for young people with Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise With a Schwinn Recumbent Bike - Mothers Need to Come Up With a Workable Schedule

All good intentions only work if there is a firm commitment and a reasonable, workable schedule designed to make using the Schwinn recumbent bike you bought for an at home exercise program a purchase you do not regret. The phrase manageable or reachable goals is popular today, and that is what you do when setting an exercise program, create a reachable goal that is success driven, and then do it! Ideally the whole family will use this thing, so it ends up the mothers job to find a place to keep it and create a way for everyone to have a turn. This schedule will actually increase the success rate! Here are some ideas on ways to make a manageable success driven exercise schedule Getting Up Early-.

Socio-Demographic Factors Put Rural Women At Higher Risk Of Obesity

Living in rural areas does not of itself put socio-economically disadvantaged rural women and children at higher risk of overweight and obesity, according to the authors of a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Rather, higher levels of obesity among women in rural areas may be attributed to individual-level socio-demographic characteristics more common in this group, such as higher age, lower levels of education, being Australian-born, being married and having more children, the study suggests. Dr Verity Cleland, from the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research at Deakin University, Melbourne, and her co-authors compared the weight status of women of childbearing age and their children living in socio-economically disadvantaged rural and urban areas of Victoria.

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GE Capital Kicks Off Region's First 'BEE Healthy' Initiative To Address Childhood Obesity

Today, U.S. Congressman Jim Himes, Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia and the GE Hispanic Forum will host the region's first BEE Healthy* Kids Fitness Buzz at Jefferson Science Magnet Elementary School in Norwalk, Connecticut. The program, part of a national health awareness program from General Electric Company (NYSE:GE), is a corporate-wide initiative that provides fun, interactive activities and education related to childhood obesity. "Healthy kids usually grow into healthy adults, and I appreciate the work GE Capital is doing in local communities to promote wellness for our children, '' said Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4). "Teaching kids to develop healthy habits early on helps them lead happier, healthier lives and reduces costs and strains in our already struggling health care system.

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