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Weider - A Fitness Icon

The fitness equipment of brand Weider shares its name with the surname of famous body builder Joseph E. Weider who co-founded the IFBB, created Mr. Olympia contests and published several famous fitness magazines. However, the Weider fitness equipment has no present connection with the Weider companies for global nutrition and health except for the name, and is completely owned by ICON Health and Fitness, Inc. The ICON employs more than 2500 staffs in 9 global locations with the head office at Logan, Utah. The company has firm grips over the fitness industry and conquered the world with several famous brands with specialty fitness, exercise and sports equipment.

Weight-Loss Supplement Burns As Many Calories As 20-minute Walk

A new weight-loss supplement tested by the University of Oklahoma Health and Exercise Science Department has the potential to burn as many calories as a 20-minute walk, according to Joel T. Cramer, assistant professor of exercise physiology. Cramer says General Nutrition Centers contracted with OU to test the weight-loss benefits of the nutritional supplement called the tri-pepper blend, which contains black pepper, caffeine and a concentrated form of capsaicin - the ingredient that makes red peppers hot. The OU study showed energy expenditures of three to six percent, results which are statistically significant enough to validate product weight-loss claims, Cramer said.

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Workout Essentials For Beginners

There was always that six pack of beer with your choice of pizza on the side and hours of uninterrupted TV to ease you into relaxation. But as blissful a state that is, couch-camping and keg parties can lose its appeal once you realized that you're health is dwindling - high blood pressure, fatigue, weight gain and other symptoms taking its toll. If you're an unhealthy lifestyle fugitive seeking asylum from the forces of alcohol, smoking, French fries and inactivity for the first time, here's how to run and hide - workout. Once you have finally decided to give exercise a try, you are making an important statement about yourself and the changes you want to happen to your well-being.

Major Cause Of Infertility And Obesity Often Missed By Doctors

Gail Donnelly's classmates nicknamed her "Knobby" because she was so skinny all her bones seemed to poke out from under her skin. But when Donnelly turned 27, that once knobby frame disappeared under mysteriously ballooning weight. Her diet hadn't changed, she was still walking several miles a day, but she gained 50 pounds in just six months. Her doctor thought the cause was ovarian cysts. It took ten years and two surgeries before a new doctor accurately diagnosed her with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It's a serious metabolic disorder and one of the major causes of hormonally related infertility, yet the disorder remains largely undiagnosed and unknown.

Bring Home a Gym!

For most people, workout means two things: (a) it's hard to sustain it and (b) it has to be done in a gym. Some don't know that the tummy-reducing, muscle-building and strength-improving activity called exercise need not be far and can actually take place in your very own home. Case in point - having exercise equipments at the comforts of your residence can be a good investment in the long run. To help you out in choosing what particular exercise equipments you need to have in your residence, here's a list of essentials you can have first so you can already get started. Rowing Machines If you want a kind of overall workout without putting the space of your home at the expense, rowing machines should be a requisite.

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Inflammation Marker Related To Obesity Is Elevated In Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

The levels of an inflammatory chemokine were significantly elevated in patients with pancreatic cancer who were extremely obese, according to research conducted by scientists at the Jefferson Pancreatic, Biliary and Related Cancers Center. They presented their data at the 5th Annual Academic Surgical Congress, held in San Antonio. Studies have shown that obesity is correlated with inflammation. Similarly, studies have also shown that inflammation contributes to the tumor progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA). This study looks at the role of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), a marker of inflammation, in obese patients with pancreatic cancer.

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