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Michelle Obama Launches Combat Childhood Obesity Campaign

At the White House on Tuesday, US President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum establishing a task force to address the nation's growing childhood obesity epimedic, turned to his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama and said "it's done honey", and she replied "now we work". The Taking on Childhood Obesity task force is part of the First Lady's Let's Move campaign to bring together public and private sectors within a generation to help children become more active in their daily lives and have a healthier diet so that children born today reach adulthood at a healthy weight. The task force has 90 days in which to prepare a plan and submit it to the President.

Effects Of Family Meals, Sleeping And Screen Time On Obesity In Preschoolers - American Academy Of Pediatrics

Preschool children exposed to three household routines -- regularly eating family meals, getting adequate sleep, and limiting screen-viewing time -- had a roughly 40 percent lower prevalence of obesity than those exposed to none of these routines. The study, "Household Routines and Obesity in U.S. Preschool-Aged Children, " published in the March issue of Pediatrics (appearing online Feb. 8), involved a cross-sectional analysis of 8, 550 4-year-old U.S. children in which researchers examined the association between childhood obesity and three household routines. Eighteen percent of all the children in the study were obese. Among those exposed to all three household routines, the prevalence of obesity was 14.

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Fiction Can Inspire Teen Girls To Manage Weight

Girls enrolled in a healthy lifestyles program had more success reducing their body mass index (BMI) percentile if they read a book with a fictional character as a role model, according to the study, "A 'Novel' Intervention: A Pilot Study of Children's Literature and Healthy Lifestyles, " published in the March issue of Pediatrics (appearing online February 8). Researchers studied 81 obese girls enrolled in a program providing lifestyle and obesity management counseling in a clinical office setting. Some girls were given a book featuring an overweight girl who, through her adventures, improves her self-esteem and learns about nutrition and physical activity.

The Loss Of Certain Genes Increases The Risk Of Becoming Overweight By 50 Times

A new cause of obesity due to a defect on chromosome 16 has just been discovered. It is thought to explain close to 1% of obesity cases. For carriers of the defect, the risk of becoming overweight is 50 times higher. This research is the result of close cooperation between the team of Professor Froguel (1), a CNRS researcher, in Lille, and colleagues at Imperial College in London and Vaudois University Hospital in Lausanne, with the support of ten other European research groups. The findings of the study are to be published in Nature on February 4, 2010. Obesity is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide, and its causes are linked to a number of factors.

Overeating Triggers Molecular 'Firing Squad' In Mice, Destroys Metabolism

Overeating in mice triggers a molecule once considered to be only involved in detecting and fighting viruses to also destroy normal metabolism, leading to insulin resistance and setting the stage for diabetes. The new study, led by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), specifically links together the immune system and metabolism, a pairing increasingly suspected in diseases that include - in addition to diabetes - heart disease, fatty liver, cancer, and stroke. Understanding how to regulate the molecule through targeted drugs or nutrients could eventually change the way these diseases are prevented and treated in humans.

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The Effectiveness Of MEND Program In Prevention And Treatment Of Pediatric Obesity

Ground-breaking results from a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the MEND Program (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it! ), a multi-component community-based childhood obesity intervention (, are published in the US journal Obesity ( The results coincide with the launch of Michelle Obama's initiative to reduce childhood obesity announced in the State of the Union speech. The independent study conducted by a team at University College London Institute of Child Health (ICH) demonstrates the success of the weight management program MEND for overweight and obese children and their families.

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