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Polar Heart Rate Monitor - There is One For Everybody

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Polar has really taken heart rate monitors to the next level. No matter what your fitness level is Polar has several monitors to match. They have their watches broken down into 3 fitness categories:

Get Active is for those new to exercise and training. Improve Fitness is for those moving to a higher level. Maximize Performance for those serious about training and competition.

In each of these fitness categories, Polar has monitors for 3 different types of athletes:

  • Fitness and Cross training
  • Running and Multisport
  • Cycling
Get Active

Polar has watches that teach you about fat burning vs. improving fitness. They have watches that measure calories burned or simply tell you to work out easier or harder than the day before. They also have watches for beginning runners and cyclists in this category.

Improve Fitness

The Polar monitors in this category take your fitness to a new level. Some of these watches include training programs. The watch will tell you how often to train and how hard. They have watches for strength trainers advising how long to rest between sets.

And there are watches that will keep track of your last 16 training sessions along with the last 16 weeks of training.

Some cycling watches in this category can be wrist or helmet mounted and measure current, average and maximum speed. And they can also can connect to your online training diary at

Maximize Performance

The watches in this category focus on Running, Multisport, and Cycling. They all come with Polar ProTrainer 5 software. Your watch connects to the software and uploads information to the program. The program then downloads training sessions to your watch so you can train more efficiently and effectively.

There are watches that will track the mileage on your shoes as well as your cadence and stride length. One even can stores your route data and uploads it to your ProTrainer software.

The cycling watches in this category stores bike settings for up to 3 bikes. They can also measure altitude, barometer, external temperature, cadence and incline with all kinds of audible and visual alarms.

Polar has been the pioneer in this field for 30 years and they continue to be passionate and innovative in their research of the heart rate monitor field. Best Heart Rate Monitor has great reviews of the popular heart rate monitors.So do your body a favor and get a Polar heart rate monitor. Your body will thank you.

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