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P90X Workout - What Equipment Do You Need to Successfully Complete the P90X Program?

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If you're like me, you've turned on the television on a Saturday morning and have seen those infomercials for the P90X workout. It's a very enticing infomercial and they convinced me to call! When I bought P90X though, I really had no clue what kind of equipment I needed to successfully complete the program. I didn't want to buy equipment that I didn't need, but I also wanted to get the maximum results from the program and be able to do all of the exercises correctly. You may be in the process of purchasing the P90X workout and wondering the same thing. What is the total investment you're going to have to make to be able to complete the program? Now that I'm actually doing the P90X program, I can guide you through on what equipment you must have, and what equipment is optional so you can save you're hard earned dollars and focus on your workout.

First, I just wanted to give you an overview of the P90X program. It is an extreme workout that is designed to give you a ripped, muscular body in 90 days. It is for people of all ages who are looking to loose weight and get lean, and for people looking to bulk up and build muscles (it is really for anyone). You must have a strong desire to get fit and healthy, and be ready to make the commitment to the program to be successful with it. It is a no BS, straight to the point program that will get you in the best shape of your life.

Here is the equipment that you must have to be able to complete the P90X workout-

(1) P90X DVD's ("P90X Training System"). Comes with the 12 workout P90X DVD's, a nutrition plan, and a fitness guide.

(2) Resistance Bands or a Set of Dumbbells. Either of these will work, but you must have at least on or the other. I actually have both, so even if I travel I can do the P90X workout. A set of dumbbells that goes up to 20 pounds is a good start.

(3) Pull Up Bar or Resistance Band Door Attachment. I just have the pull up bar, and it works great. You must have one or the other though. Some people though may not have a door frame that they can install a pull up bar on. For those people, you will need to buy a resistance band door attachment kit so you can do a modified version of the pull ups.

Below is optional equipment that is not required to successfully complete the program-

(1) Yoga Mat. This makes the P90X abdominal exercises and the P90X yoga much more enjoyable (a hard wood floor or carpet rubbing against your skin doesn't feel all that great).

(2) Yoga Blocks (2). If you are a beginner at Yoga like I was, then these will really come in handy. These will help stabilize you when doing difficult poses.

(3) Push Up Bars. If you have issues with your wrists, then these will help alleviate stress on your wrist joints when doing pushups (you will do an extensive amount of pushups with the P90X workout ).

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