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Sole F83 Treadmill Review - Is the Sole F83 a Better Deal Than the Sole F80 Treadmill?

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If you are looking to buy a treadmill for your home and considering the Sole F83 treadmill, you need to read this review before buying. I was looking to buy the perfect treadmill for my house too so I did some research and tests to see which one fits the bill.

I do not own the Sole F83 treadmill but my sister does and I've tried using it many times. From what I see, this particular treadmill is perfect for my sister house which is small and doesn't have much space. It has a 20" x 58" running surface, smaller than most treadmills on the market which I think is much convenient for any apartment complexes.

Featuring a powder coated all-steel welded frame and heavy duty stable incline, the Sole F83 is pretty heavy which gives you more stability and balance when jogging or running. It also perfect for all kinds of heavy duty training with the 3.0 HP continuous motor capable of running at the speed up to 12 mph and keeping inclines up to 15 degree.

It is perfectly designed for all kind of body weight and can sustain more heavy duty exercises without any problems. My brother-in-law was almost 350 pounds 3 months ago and the Sole F83 didn't have any issue carrying his weight at higher speed. It also has the wireless heart rate control, 3 color LCD display, arm rest and incline controls to assist you during training.

The Sole F83 treadmill uses high-end rollers that are usually fitted on $5000 treadmills. These are 2.75" rollers with a sealed bearing design and copper ground wires for each roller to reduce static. With a lifetime frame, lifetime motor, lifetime deck, 5 years electronics, belt, rollers and moving parts, and 2 years labor, the Sole F83 treadmill is the best deal for the price.

Even though I would prefer the F83 if I can afford to spend couple hundred dollars more, I found that the Sole F80 treadmill is a better choice for my house. I decided to go with the Sole F80 treadmill just because it is the best treadmill with the best price on the market today. The Sole F80 sells for almost $300 less and still has almost the same features as the Sole F83 treadmill. The main difference is the tread belt is 3" less and the display is a single color with scrolling information.

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