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Bring Home a Gym!

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For most people, workout means two things: (a) it's hard to sustain it and (b) it has to be done in a gym. Some don't know that the tummy-reducing, muscle-building and strength-improving activity called exercise need not be far and can actually take place in your very own home. Case in point - having exercise equipments at the comforts of your residence can be a good investment in the long run.

To help you out in choosing what particular exercise equipments you need to have in your residence, here's a list of essentials you can have first so you can already get started.

Rowing Machines

If you want a kind of overall workout without putting the space of your home at the expense, rowing machines should be a requisite. Given the right techniques to avoid straining your back, you can engage in an aerobic exercise that makes use of your upper and lower body using a rowing machine.

Jump Ropes

Definitely a space saver, jumping rope gives a cardiovascular workout of high intensity that you can do anytime because you can bring it anywhere. You can do it in weight training and circuit training. Using jump ropes will put your balance, agility and strength to the test.


Treadmills are perhaps the most popular piece in any aerobic equipment set for homes. Weather and time of day notwithstanding, a treadmill lets you walk or run as you please. An important quality that you should take consideration to when buying a treadmill is if it can carry a substantial amount of load, since a great deal of force is being exerted when running on a treadmill. Also, look for one that has a wide belt, incline settings and safety shut off.

Balance Balls

A perfect addition to the equipments you have at home, balance balls are inexpensive but effective. They are used in drills that will improve your balance so you can be stronger, more agile. This is important to lessen the risk of injuries that you might have in playing sports.

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