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Ab Flyer - A Great Way to Tone Your Abs

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The Ab Flyer is a workout machine designed to target the stomach is a whole new approach. It's nothing like a normal sit up. You are able to target your ab muscles in a whole new way while keeping your body stabilized and not hurting your back or neck.

It works your abs from the bottom up. So you target every muscle along with the oblique muscles which can be very hard to tone up. Your stomach is the one place that can hold onto fat very easily. It is one of the hardest areas to also tone up. Most people spend most of there time doing basic crunches and not seeing any results. While straining there back and neck muscles.

The Ab Flyer comes with a digital counter so you can keep track of all the stomach crunches you do on the machines. You will burn calories and lose that fat on your stomach.

There is a DVD and meal plan that will come with the Ab Flyer. Combined with working out and eating right toning your abs will get fast and very effective. You can workout in your own home and spend less money on fitness memberships! You can workout when you want to anytime day or night.

Losing weight and inches is a great self confidence booster. Everyone wants to get those toned tight abs. Men and Women can both benefit from having a flatter more defined stomach. Ab Flyer makes that possible while making sure your in correct position each time you hop on to workout.

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