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Pilates Exercise Balls, Magic Circle and Other Equipment

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If you've started with Pilates, you probably know that there's a number of simple equipment you can use to boost your performance. Of course, Pilates is essentially all about position and targeting the right muscles with few but powerful moves. Still, having these equipment can help to improve the results one gets out of the routines.

Of course, the very first and basic thing you'll need is a Pilates mat. It may be the simplest, but having a mat that's very uncomfortable could affect the way you perform the exercises significantly. This means that you really have to take your time getting the right mat. Some people take their choice for granted and end up with mats that slip or slide. Surely, this will affect the level of intensity that you will put into the exercise and eventually, this will affect results, too. It's thus recommended that you make sure you're comfortable with the mat you'll be using if you want full control of your body during your workout. A good mat should allow you to focus on your routines and not be distracted by any spinal discomforts brought about by an unstable mat.

Next to your mat, you can have Pilates exercise balls which can be such great help when it comes to strengthening your sense of balance. Pilates exercise ball exercises can actually be some of the most difficult you can do, but they can also be the most effective. With these balls, you can perform the exercises off the ground but you definitely need to exert a lot more effort to do that. In other words, these routines are more intense, more targeted and inevitably more effective. With the ball, you are able to target the smaller and harder to reach core muscles, thereby giving you added fitness benefits compared to just doing ground exercises.

Another Pilates equipment you can use is the Pilates Magic Circle which is basically a soft rubber ring that can help you improve your body shape through plyometric exercises (routines that promote fast, powerful movements). This powerful rubber ring works by increasing resistance in a workout and allowing you to work out muscles from different directions. Thus, you are able to work out more muscles at the same time.

When it comes to Pilates equipment, the Pilates Reformer cannot go unmentioned. This rowing machine-looking piece is one of the traditional tools used for the exercise and it is proven as a torso stability booster. The Reformer is actually a no-impact exercise machine which works with a gliding motion that is easily felt in the joints and spine. Hence, while it doesn't increase your heart rate, your body experiences a wave of positive stimulation. Workout using the Reformer is not as easy as it sounds, though. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be reaping results.

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