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Heart Rate Monitors For Various Workouts

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If you are looking to buy a heart rate monitor then congratulations you upon taking a step towards the right direction on the road to fitness and well being. Your interest in your fitness levels has made you interested and informed enough to want to know more about using a heart rate monitor, and this in itself merits a degree of admiration.

Now, we will move over on to the basics. Just to be clear, a heart rate monitor is an electronic device that you strap on to your wrist or chest or both, and it helps you evaluate and keep a tab on your heart beat rate in terms of your heart Beats per Minute, or BPM. These monitors are an indispensable tool in a specialized, customized and goal specific exercise program. According to the aims and objectives that you want to accomplish from your work out regime, you need to plan, calculate and stick to a range of heart beat rate. This will depend on your age, your sex, your current weight, your height and your desired goals. The heart beat rate plays an important role in an exercise program, and your fitness trainer will be able to explain the exact role of the heart beat rate in your daily exercise regime, and also its influence upon the desired results. However, we can help you out when it comes to recommending the various heart rate monitors that go with the various work outs which may form a part of your work out session(s).

According to your objectives, there are various models that you can go for, some have more functions than the others depending on your needs:

* If you want to lose weight, go for a heart rate monitor that keeps a track of your calories burnt and also the time spent in your heart rate zone.

* If you generally want to stay fit without any specific weight loss or muscle building ambitions, one that features intensity and has information on the different workout zones will be good enough.

* Then there are those of us who just do not go along well with technical what's-its and gadgetry. For us, there are basic heart rate monitors available which keep a track on the heart beat rate with a simple one button command. Eg: Polar FS1

* Professional and non professional athletes who need to measure their performance need a monitor that offers multi tech support and more features like the Garmin Forerunner.

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