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The Sole Treadmill - Comprehensive Overview

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The F63, F80, F83, F85, S73, S77 and TT8 are just some of the popular Sole treadmill products. For starters, the brand Sole is one of newest treadmill brand. However, even if it is just a newcomer, it has already earned its title as one of the leading treadmill brands.

There are a lot of reasons as to why Sole treadmill products are popular. One of which is that it is one of the strongest treadmills out there. This is because the Sole company uses commercial parts like that of a copper ground wire for less static, a heavy duty flywheel for longer motor life, an industrial size motor, a 2.75 inches rollers, and steel welded frames. It is because of these parts that the Sole's treadmills are ideal for not just the runners but also for those who want a quality treadmill.

Another reason as to why Sole treadmill products are popular is because of its Cushion Flex Cushioning system that can reduce joint impact. This is of great importance since poor cushioning can result to injured ankles, backs, hips and knees. Yet another reason for the Sole's popularity is its strong decks and quiet operation. The Sole's treadmills are strong since it has a reinforced frame which is quite ideal for runners as well as for heavy users. It has a quiet operation since it was especially designed to be that way. The treadmill brand Sole also offers you with an excellent warranty. Usually, its deck, frame and motor have a lifetime warranty. It also offers a 2 year warranty on its service.

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