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Exercise in Luxury With a Star Trac Treadmill

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The Star Trac Treadmill Company is known as one of the pioneering treadmill companies to feature on its treadmill a bottle holder, a personal fan, a towel bar, and a space for some magazines. It is also known for its durability, quietness and stability. Some of the most highly recommended treadmills by this company are the Star Trac Sport Treadmill, the TR4500, the Pro S, and the Pro Treadmill.

One of the advantages of the Star Trac Treadmill is their complete package which has almost everything that you wish in a treadmill. Usually, this package would consists of an adjustable personal fan, a built-in television, an integrated MP3 or iPod port, a one inch thick deck, a strong 5.0 HP motor, a sleek streamline look, and a soft trac triple cell cushioning. Then again, this advantage comes with a disadvantage as these treadmills would usually cost a lot of money. Actually, because of its price, this one is considered to be one of the most expensive brands.

Another advantage of the Star Trac Treadmill is its state of the art consoles, electronics and programs. You can see this with the Polar Heart Rate System which can give you a constant track of your heart rate. You can also see this with the High Definition Touch Screen Television and integrated MP3 or iPod ports that some models have. This brand also provides high inclines which can come from up to 20% inclination which you usually can't find in other brands.

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