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Competitiveness And Perfectionism: Common Traits Of Both Athletic Performance And Disordered Eating

Timberline Knolls, one of the country's leaders in the treatment of eating disorders, is recognizing well-known tennis star, Monica Seles, for disclosing her history with an eating disorder in her new book Get a Grip. Ms. Seles' display of courage and candor has the potential to help many others who have similar struggles, especially young female athletes. It is estimated that more than 11 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder and 20 million more suffer from binge-eating disorder. And because of the secretiveness and shame associated with eating disorders, this number is likely much larger. According to Kimberly Dennis, M.D.

Young Anorexia Patients Needed For Two Stanford Packard Studies

The devastation wrought by anorexia nervosa includes severe cognitive and physical changes that researchers say kill one in 10 patients and debilitate many others. But doctors and scientists have only a weak understanding of how to repair the damage. That's why clinical trials at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital are now recruiting anorexia nervosa patients to test disease therapies in adolescents and young adults. The two studies focus on different patient populations and aspects of anorexia treatment. One will be the largest-ever randomized clinical trial to compare therapies that use patients' families to facilitate anorexia treatment in adolescents.

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Dietary Fats Trigger Long-Term Cognizance Formation

Having able memories of that rich, divine dessert you ate endure night? If so, you shouldn't fondle conforming a glutton. It's particular natural. UC Irvine researchers retain begin that eating fat-rich foods triggers the formation of long-term memories of that activity. The interpret adds to their modern bullwork linking dietary fats to appetite management and may herald fresh approaches for treating obesity and other eating disorders. Study results blow in this week in the early online edition of the Proceedings of the State Academy of Sciences. Daniele Piomelli, the Louise Turner Arnold Stool in Neurosciences, teamed with UCI's James McGaugh, one of the world's salient learning and honour researchers, to look how dietary fats speed up camera-eye retention.

Remuda Ranch Reports Eating Disorders On The Rise Among Dated

Remuda Ranch Programs for Eating and Anxiety Disorders reports senile men and women may have eating disorders more regularly than most health professionals realize. Latest probation reports eating disorders in decrepit women posses increased and the majority of deaths from anorexia nervosa betide in people over age 65. "Because unusual health professionals think of screening for eating disorders in the elderly, many elderly eating disorder patients obtain often been missed, with tragic consequences, " said Edward Cumella, Ph.D., executive director at Remuda Ranch. "Anorexia nervosa is a very draggy illness in seniors by reason of crowded already have compromised health to drive with.

Three Outside Of Four American Women Have Disordered Eating

Sixty-five percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 announcement having disordered eating behaviors, according to the results of a latest survey by SELF Periodical in collection with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An more 10 percent of women report symptoms consistent with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder, meaning that a total of 75 percent of all American women endorse some unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviors related to cooking or their bodies. "Our survey erect that these behaviors cut across racial and ethnic lines and are not district to any one group, " said Cynthia R.

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Employ Balance - Helping Over-Exercisers And Under-Exercisers - Advanced Jotter

Everyone has heard the term "no pain, no gain, " on the other hand some exercisers can take this mentality to the extreme. Gate Billy, for example, who runs two hours on weekdays, and up to four hours on Saturdays and Sundays, regardless of injury. Excessive exercise is fitting more and more popular, and dangerous, as common people assume that "all exercise is commendable exercise" and they fail to get it the harm they are inflicting upon their bodies and minds. The contemporary book, The Exercise Balance (GĂ rze Books, 2008), helps both over- and under-exercisers find a personal prescription for what is ace for their bodies and onliest situation.

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