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Smokers Who Started Recently More Likely Than Longer-Term Smokers To Use Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol cigarette use is higher among persons who started smoking in the past year (44.6 percent) than among longer-term smokers (31.8 percent) according to a new study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In addition, among persons who smoked in the past month, the percentage using menthol cigarettes increased from 31.0 percent in 2004 to 33.9 percent in 2008. This increase was most pronounced among adolescent smokers aged 12 to 17 (up from 43.5 percent to 47.7 percent), and young adult smokers aged 18 to 25 (up from 34.1 percent to 40.8 percent). Menthol is an additive used in cigarettes that masks the harshness of cigarette smoke by giving the smoker the sensation of coolness in the mouth, pharynx, and lungs.

Stop Drinking Alcohol With These Tips

Several people frequently doubt if they can ever stop drinking. This piece of writing is pened down to indicate to you several things you can do to end your alcoholism. I would like you to know that it is possible. I have come across several individuals such as you in similar situation who thought they can certainly not throw in the towel. But after performing several of the things mentioned in this expose, they were capable to say no to booze or binges forever. You could try to stop drinking on your own, but you may probably fail. I urge you not to be discouraged. Many individuals who successfully throw in the towel on drinking alcohol went through this stage also.

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The Hair Drug Test - A Few Things You Might Not Have Known

Hair drug testing is a growing but still somewhat unfamiliar drug testing process. People have questions all the time about it, so we decided to create a guide to the most important aspects of this home drug test process. First of all, you are going to need a pretty specific amount of hair. At least 90 to 120 strands should be collected for submission, and if the hair is short or fine, collect a bit more. Secondly, where you collect the hair is important. You must collect it from the scalp - you cannot just snip the ends off the hair. Although it takes some time to reach this point, drugs become harder to detect as the hair grows out and grows older.

Quti Smoking Weed Today - How to Get Started

It is hard to stop smoking pot. I know it is, and you know how? I used to smoke it like crazy myself, but once I decided to stop, I was finally able to get out over it. The main thing that helped me to become clean is taking that first step and decide that I was going to do whatever it takes to quit. I struggled a little bit at first, but I have been clean and much happier for over a year now. Write Down Your Plan. Well, this is extremely important if you really do want to successfully stop smoking pot. It took me some time to fully understand it, because I really didn't want to put my entire day down on a piece of paper, but this is crucial.

Ecstasy Use May Lead To Sleep Apnea

Repeated use of the drug popularly known as "ecstasy" significantly raises the risk of developing sleep apnea in otherwise healthy young adults with no other known risk factors for the sleep disturbance, a new study by Johns Hopkins scientists suggests. The finding is the latest highlighting the potential dangers of the amphetamine-style chemical, currently used illegally by millions of people in the United States. The Johns Hopkins scientists note that sleep apnea itself can lead to an assortment of health problems, including a decline in cognitive function, an increased risk of diabetes, and an increased risk of death from heart disease.

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Three Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Do you think that you or loved one has an alcoholism problem? If so, we'll cover three of the common warning signs of alcoholism. In this article, we'll cover some of the noticeable biological effects and psychological effects that you can pinpoint to determine if you or someone else has an alcohol problem. The first common of the warning signs of alcoholism is that the person has drastic physical changes. It is common for alcoholics to have physical changes such as weight loss, older appearance, and drooping eyes. This is usually one of the easier indicators to identify alcoholism. Weight loss can often tell a lot, especially if the person in question has been at a moderate rate most of their lives.

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