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Finding Free Drug Rehab Without Insurance

Do you find yourself struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism and need help? If you do you are not alone. Millions of Americana enter drug and alcohol treatment centers every year in order address their addiction problem. However, the problem for many addicts is that they do not have the money or insurance to pay for their treatment. At this point finding free drug rehab for people with no insurance is of prime importance. The fact of the matter is that drug rehab treatment works to help people get their lives back on track after addiction has caused them a number of personal problems. However, alcohol and drug treatment centers are expensive, often costing more than $10, 000 for a 28 day stay.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction have been on the rise for many years. According to American government surveys, more than 20 million people suffer from addiction to alcohol, street drugs or prescription drugs. In this country alone, it is estimated that 135 million people struggle with their own addiction, a family member's addiction or that of someone close to them. Thankfully there are many treatment and rehabilitation centers, but it must be noted that the success rate is below 20%. The three primary barriers to addiction rehabilitation include cravings, guilt and depression. So what exactly is drug abuse? Drug abuse, or substance abuse, involves the excessive and repeated use of chemical substances to achieve a certain effect.

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Various Facts About Addiction to Painkillers

It is hard to believe that people nowadays has got a tendency to get addicted to painkillers rather than other deadly drugs like heroin or cocaine. These deadly drugs have killed human beings for quite a long period of time, now the painkillers have taken that role. This painkiller addiction started since the last few years and slowly it is becoming one of the most common forms of drug addiction. People nowadays search more for pain killer rehabilitation centers than other drug or alcohol rehabs. This addiction is spreading like a plague and killing people all over the world. Now, the question is why are people getting addicted to painkillers more than the other lethal drugs or alcohol?

Drug Rehab Centers - The Only Cure to Drug Addiction

One can never debate over the fact that the mind has a strong conscience and the capacity to identify the difference between right and wrong. Drug addiction is one situation where the mind is suppressed to express its judgment that leads to an impairment of the mind and the body. However, one can regain control of their senses and kick this dirty habit out of their system if they rely on a drug rehabilitation center that has a team of professionals who know exactly what is needed to combat the terrors of this addiction. An incredibly huge task one can face in addiction treatment is in finding a good drug rehabilitation center. Most drug addicts are petrified by the idea of going to such a rehabilitation facility as the dreadful stories of withdrawals scare them immensely and they cannot fathom the idea of dealing with the obstacles that will come their way once they check themselves in such a facility.

Hunger For Stimulation Driven By Dopamine In The Brain According To New Brain Research

Our need for stimulation and dopamine's action upon the brain are connected, which explains why people who constantly crave stimulation are in danger of addictive behaviour such as drug abuse and gambling. The urge to actively seek out new experiences is a personality trait that psychologists have known about for years, but up until now scientists have been unable to prove how this urge relates to hormonal activities in the brain. Now, an international research team made up of scientists from the University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus and University of Tokyo have been able to prove for the first time that this hunger for stimulation is greater on average among people who possess more of the gratification hormone - dopamine in the brain.

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When Should Managers Drug Test in the Workplace?

Drug testing in the workplace is proven to reduce safety accidents and increase overall productivity, but when is the right time for an employer to implement drug and alcohol screening? There is a fine line between being an invasive boss who loses employee trust and happiness and a smart manager protecting their business. Thanks to the advent of cheap and effective urine drug testing kits, substance abuse screening can easily occur on a job site and in the workplace with reliable results at any time. A successful business operator will want to exam their employees for drugs and alcohol in the following situations. Pre-employment When attempting to hire new employees, drug testing should be part of the application process.

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