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AP BusinessWeek Examines Efforts To Sell Low-Cost, Portable Toilets In Developing World

The Associated Press/BusinessWeek examines the Singapore-based company Rigel Technology's efforts to sell "state-of-the-art portable, fertilizer-making, toilets for as low as $30" in developing countries. "Experts estimate about 2.5 billion people lack functioning, hygienic toilets and instead excrete in the open, a habit that can contaminate water supplies and spread diseases such as E. coli bacteria and other viruses, " the publication writes. According to Jack Sim, the founder of the World Toilet Organization, health advocates have been trying to encourage companies to invest in low-cost, portable toilets after aid groups' efforts didn't completely curb the problem and donations from the developed world were low.

Some Information Regarding Swine Flu

Swine flu is the medical name for a new, previously undiscovered strain of influenza. The term swine flu was penned as it was initially thought that the disease originated from pigs. Symptoms of the condition typically include a high temperature, muscle fatigue, sore throat and a dry cough. Very similar to the effects brought on by a common cold or chest infection. The majority of sufferers will be free of the symptoms within one to two weeks. The first reports of the virus came from Mexico. Since then, the condition has spread all over the world and has claimed the lives of many in the process. The virus had spread at such an alarming rate due to how new and unseen the condition was.

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In New Antibiotic Method, 2 Heads Better Than 1

An antibiotic that binds to a well-established target in a novel and unexpected way could be the inspiration for designing new, more potent antibacterial drugs. "A completely new way to beat bacteria is an exciting find at a time when resistance to existing antibiotics is growing, " said Professor Tony Maxwell from the John Innes Centre, lead author on the research to be published in Science. JIC is an institute of the BBSRC. The antibiotic molecule slots into pockets in the surface of a bacterial enzyme, DNA gyrase, and inhibits its activity. Gyrase is essential for bacteria to survive and grow. However, it is not present in humans so is an ideal, and already established, target for antibiotics.

Bronchitis - Information You Should Know

An individual, who with the advent of cold has began to cough not even once, is a happy man! Other individuals should find out the cause of his cough which may be a symptom of many different diseases. Every second individual is diagnosed with bronchitis. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic, and depending on its type doctor prescribes a particular treatment. Although phrase "acute bronchitis" sounds quite horrible, in fact, doctors fight it quite successfully. Bronchitis shows itself with cough, temperature, muscle pains, joint pains, headaches and common discomfort. In other words, a virus has settled in your bronchus and caused their inflammation.

What Is Schistosomiasis Bilharzia ? What Causes Schistosomiasis Bilharzia ?

Schistosomiasis, or bilharzias, bilharziosis, or snail fever is a parasitic disease caused by various species of fluke of the genus Schostosoma. Schistosomiasis has a low mortality rate; however, as it is commonly a chronic illness it can cause serious damage to internal organs, and may even undermine growth and cognitive development in children. When the urinary system is infected there is a significantly higher risk in adults of developing bladder cancer. Schistosomiasis may infect the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. The WHO (World Health Organization) believes that approximately 200 million people globally are infected. London's (England) Hospital for Tropical Diseases sees about 200 cases per year, all of them UK citizens coming home from abroad.

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Do You Want to Know What's Happening to the H1N1 Flu Virus?

Do you want to know what is happening to the swine flu virus today? Do you want to know the progress of Ah1n1 flu virus vaccine? Today in the Northern part of America, it seems the H1N1 flu cases are declining and are expected to remain low. This is due to the states reports that prevalent movement is dropping from 43 to 32 cases in late November. Even in Europe, the reported rate of cases has not increased. The encouraging news is that the health officials in the United States are continuing to make vaccines accessible and are encouraging citizens to get vaccinated, even though the lowered threat of catching the illness. No matter how prevalent flu strains are through the month of December, each one are expected to benefit from keeping their immune systems healthy with healing foods.

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