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Also In Global Health News: Food Needs In Sudan; Malaria Vaccine; Agriculture In India; Generic Drugs

Drought, Conflict More Than Triple Food Needs In S. Sudan "The number of people in Southern Sudan needing food aid has quadrupled to about 4.3 million this year from a year ago because of violence and drought, the United Nations World Food Programme said" Tuesday, Bloomberg reports (Maier, 2/2). The agency, which is facing a funding shortfall of $485.4 million, estimates more than 11 million people in the country will need food assistance this year (2/2). GlobalPost Examines Ongoing Malaria Vaccine Trials In Africa The GlobalPost examines the ongoing clinical trial of the malaria vaccine, RTS, S - or Mosquirix - in seven African countries.

What to Do If You Contract the Swine Flu Virus

The swine flu virus is highly transmissible and should be a cause for worry among those who have weakened immune systems. The lack of a swine flu virus vaccine has made the dilemma worse for people who are at a high risk of getting the illness, especially those who are very young, very old, or who are suffering from pre-existing health conditions. Medical experts have issued a series of guidelines for people who have contracted the virus. If you are suffering from an influenza-like illness then here are some facts that will guide you until you are totally free of the virus: - The CDC or the Center for Diseases Control Prevention has advised patients with influenza-like illness to stay home for at least 7 days at the onset of the symptoms.

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External Thrombosed Hemorrhoid - No Expert Consensus Redux

External thrombosed hemorrhoid is what many sufferers type into Google to search for solutions to their rear end problems. The experts call it thrombosed external hemorrhoid or TEH, in short. It is understandable that the lay person can get the words in a different order. But for a condition seen typically as non-life threatening, it is somewhat amusing that even the experts have so many synonyms for TEH! Medical researchers refer to TEH as acute thrombosed external haemorrhoid, acute hemorrhoidal disease, thrombosed hemorrhoid, hemorrhoidal thrombosis, perianal thrombosis, anal hematoma and perianal hematoma. What an extensive list of names!

Research Fellowship To Halt Super Bug Invasion, Australia

A new Queensland Government Fellowship presented today by the Governor of Queensland will be used by a researcher to try to combat an extreme super bug even more aggressive than resistant Staphylococcus strains. Queensland Health and University of Queensland researcher Professor David Paterson received a Senior Clinical Research Fellowship to stem the invasion of mega super bugs, which are resistant to all antibiotics and current treatments. Professor Paterson - an infectious diseases researcher at UQ's Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) and the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - received the Fellowship from the Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR).

Most Effective Remedy For Heartburn - Natural Remedies Vs Conventional Medication

If you are a heartburn sufferer then it is most likely that you are taking some form of medication to get relief from your problem. Those who suffer mild attacks probably take antacid tablets to ease their pain while those who suffer more acute heartburn may be taking prescribed medication in the form of acid suppressors such as H2 Blockers or Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI). So, is one of these the most effective remedy for heartburn? There is no doubt that these prescribed and over-the-counter medications do relieve the distress that heartburn can cause and you are quite willing to pay the price to get that relief. But again, which of these is the most effective remedy for heartburn?

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Billion Dollar Market For Malaria Vaccine Products Should Interest Drug Developers

With increased attention on finding a cure for the scourge of malaria, recently highlighted by the announcement of a large research and development grant from the Bill Gates Foundation, and with several candidates already in the pipeline, there could be a $1 billion market for malaria vaccine products by 2017, according to healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information, which recently published a survey of emerging vaccine products titled: "What's Next in Vaccines? HIV, Malaria, Rabies, MRSA, and 30 Other Vaccine Targets in the 2010-2020 Pipeline." According to Kalorama, the potential market is likely to spur companies to develop innovative products for a disease that kills nearly two million people each year.

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