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Scientists Map Out Regulatory Regions Of Genome, Hot Spots For Diabetes Genes

Together with colleagues in Barcelona, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have generated a complete map of the areas of the genome that control which genes are "turned on" or "off." The discovery, made in pancreatic islet cells, opens new avenues for understanding the genetic basis of type 2 diabetes and other common illnesses. "Most of the human genome is uncharted territory - entire stretches of sequence with no clear function or purpose, " said Jason Lieb, Ph.D., associate professor of biology at UNC, a member of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and one of the senior authors of the study. "In fact, the majority of the DNA sequences associated with disease found thus far reside in the middle of nowhere.

Diabetic Children - What Products They Need to Have

Diabetes affects all ages. But a form of diabetes is especially notorious in the direction of very young patients. It's called juvenile diabetes. Although young diabetes is not exclusive among children, is the relatively high prevalence in the younger population makes it a fundamental concern for parents whose children had been diagnosed with this chronic, non-insulin-dependent state. A lot of things are needed for a child with juvenile diabetes needs. Some of them are described below: Blood glucose meters or glucometers - The first and one that should be top of the list of priorities is glucometers. This is a portable device that measures glucose in the blood of the patient.

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Discover How to Exercise Away Your Diabetes!

If an eating plan is the most important part of any diabetes-reversing strategy, exercise is a close second. Even moderate amounts of physical activity can do wonders for managing your blood sugar and weight. While just about any exercise will do, there are a few factors to keep in mind that will skyrocket the results you get from it. Commit to Daily Exercise : To reap the full benefits of exercise, it is important to do it every single day. This is important because studies show the ability of exercise to make cells more sensitive to insulin tapers off after just two days. You don't have to hit the gym every single day, but taking a short walk or two or even gardening will do the trick when you're in a time crunch.

Cell Mechanism Leading To Diabetic Blindness Identified By MSU Researcher

Scientists have long known that high blood sugar levels from diabetes damage blood vessels in the eye, but they didn't know why or how. Now a Michigan State University scientist has discovered the process that causes retinal cells to die, which could lead to new treatments that halt the damage. Diabetic retinopathy is a common side effect of diabetes and the leading cause of blindness in young adults in the United States. It's estimated that between 40 percent and 45 percent of people diagnosed with diabetes have some degree of diabetic retinopathy. Research by Susanne Mohr, MSU associate professor of physiology, found the siah-1 protein is produced by the body when blood sugar levels are high.

More and More Kids With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, once exclusive to adults, is now appearing in children in rapidly increasing numbers. This increase runs parallel to the rising rate of childhood obesity. Poor nutrition from processed foods and take-away, plus such low rates of exercise leads right to metabolic problems for more and more children. Frightening Statistics! As recently as ten years ago, if a child received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis it would be written up in a medical journal. Today at least one third of the cases of diabetes diagnosed in juveniles is type 2 diabetes! The average age is thirteen and a half, but type 2 has been found in children as young as four years.

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Quick Weight Loss Tips to Stay Away From Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels

Are you in search of quick weight loss tips to stay away from dangerous blood sugar levels? If yes then just dig in First it is important to know why is it critical to lose weight if you want to have a full control on type 2 diabetes. The reason is that excessive weight and piled up fats increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The insulin resistance makes the person even fatter. If you are in a position of handling the relationship between the two then for sure you can solve the problem. There are many ways that can help you to deal with the problem effectively and efficiently. Cut down the amount of foods that are artificially sweetened and consume less sugar.

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