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Is Type II Diabetes Reversible?

Diets with unbalanced amounts of meat and dairy products are contributing to higher cholesterol levels and bigger waistlines. Unhealthful diets are the leading cause of heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes type II is weight onset. Is type II diabetes reversible? Three solutions to this question are offered below. 1. Is Type II Diabetes Reversible? Yes, with Bariatric Surgery Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery. Surgery technique makes the stomach a smaller pouch and restricts food intake. Is type II diabetes reversible? Yes, this surgery improves glucose metabolism to normal levels just after one month of surgery. 2. Is Type II Diabetes Reversible?

Discovery Of Possible Source Of Beta Cell Destruction That Leads To Type 1 Diabetes Could Hold The Key To Reversing The Disease

Doctors at Eastern Virginia Medical School's Strelitz Diabetes Center have been stalking the culprit responsible for Type 1 diabetes. Now, they are one step closer. Members of a research team at the center, led by Jerry Nadler, MD, professor and chair of internal medicine and director of the center, have been studying the role of the enzyme 12-Lipoxygenase (12-LO) in the development of Type 1 diabetes. They hope that targeting this enzyme will hold the key to a cure. Dr. Nadler and several research colleagues in the EVMS Department of Internal Medicine, including Kaiwen Ma, PhD, research instructor; Swarup K. Chakrabarti, PhD, research assistant professor;

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Diabetics Exercise Caution!

If you have diabetes, it is essential to begin and maintain an exercise routine. A health care professional must first evaluate you for symptoms that could be aggravated by particular activities. You might also undergo a cardiac stress test. Why Exercise? Exercise is part of a well-established health regimen for people with diabetes. Dr. Ronald J. Sigal, who studies the long-term trends of the illness, reports in a 2004 Diabetes Care article that increased activity is associated with prolonged lifespan, enhanced lung function, and decreased accumulation of dangerous fat coating the abdomen. Sigal defines "increased activity" as exertion equivalent to walking briskly approximately two hours and fifteen minutes per week.

New Research Uncovers Molecular Firing Squad Through Which Overeating Destroys Normal Metabolism And Sets Stage For Diabetes

Overeating in mice triggers a molecule once considered to be only involved in detecting and fighting viruses to also destroy normal metabolism, leading to insulin resistance and setting the stage for diabetes. The new study, led by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), specifically links together the immune system and metabolism, a pairing increasingly suspected in diseases that include - in addition to diabetes - heart disease, fatty liver, cancer, and stroke. Understanding how to regulate the molecule through targeted drugs or nutrients could eventually change the way these diseases are prevented and treated in humans.

Tasty Diabetic Recipes

If you have diabetes, you already know it's sometimes challenging to find tasty diabetic recipes. You want taste and enjoyment, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. If you're the chef in the family, you may want healthy recipes that your whole family will eat. The good news is that tasty diabetes recipes are available, and it's ideal for everyone. After all, it's simply a healthy diet that helps control your blood sugar levels, eating a variety of foods in modest amounts. Your diet should stress fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The key here is consistency, because if you eat excess calories or fat at once, your blood sugar rises.

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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes?

Term gestational diabetes is used to define a temporary phase in which a pregnant woman undergoes from increased level of blood sugar. Till so far there is not any decisive proof that can confirm the reason behind this increased level of blood sugar. However generally it is linked to the increased stress on body of pregnant woman. In most cases there are not any signs of diabetes and the problem remains undiagnosed. The problem is detected when the woman goes for routine testing for pregnancy. Another research of scientist suggests that working of placenta during the period of pregnancy is the prime cause of this type of diabetes. Placenta is basically the life support system in uterus of women.

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