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Treatment Options For Diabetes

There are several different treatment options for diabetic people. Your doctor could have you on a diet, oral medication, insulin injections, or a combination of them. It doesn't matter if you are on oral medication, insulin injections, or both, diet is still going to be a required part of your diabetes control. In Germany they are using adult stem cells from your own body (no fear of rejection) to combat diabetes in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They are having good success at controlling both hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (acute low blood sugar). Now I know a little about stem cells because one thing that I take is called Stem Enhance and it stimulates the body's release of stem cells increasing the amount of stem cells available to help your body heal itself.

Signs Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Levels

The individuals who suffer from high level of blood sugars are classified as unlucky persons and termed "Diabetics". The disease diabetes is classified into Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Whatever the type is the signs of high blood sugar level remain the same Anyway whoever is diabetic must have experienced signs of high blood sugar levels; so he will get here nothing new. Sill a little bit more clarification so next time when he happens to face the same situation, it will be easier for him to identify. So anyone who is experiencing these strange feelings and have a family history of diabetes; it is better to have himself checked by a professional to be on the safer side.

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New Discovery By Harvard Scientists Aims To Correct Cellular Defects Leading To Diabetes

A new research discovery published online in the FASEB Journal may change the perception and treatment of diabetes. That's because scientists have moved closer toward correcting the root cause of the disease rather than managing its symptoms. Specifically researchers identified a protein (G6PD protein) and its antioxidant product (NAPDH) that both prevent the death and promote the growth of cells which produce and release insulin in the pancreas (beta cells). "Abnormally high levels of oxidants are thought to be a major cause of diabetes and the complications of diabetes, as well as many other diseases, " said Robert C. Stanton, M.D., co-author of the study, from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

What Will You Do With Your Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes?

If you have close relatives who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your risk of developing this condition are increased by up to four times the normal factor. Type 2 diabetes does run in families, but this does not mean type 2 diabetes needs to be your fate as well. You can change things. This means that you will need to keep careful track of the foods you eat, your activity levels and how often you have regular check ups with your health care provider. There is often a question of how to lose weight when you find you have high blood sugar levels. The good news is, these days, most nutrition advice about eating to stay healthy and to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes is quite simple and straight forward.

Can Exercise Help Lower My Blood Sugar Levels?

If one asks what is the absolutely free of cost and hassle free way of staying fit and fine, then definitely the one and only answer is exercise. No doubt, exercise is a panaceal remedy to stay aloof of any minor or major kind of ailment. Even if one is suffering from ailment, then the first prescription or advice which a doctor gives is to do regular exercise. The same applies here as well. For diabetic patients also, exercise is the one-in-all remedy. Higher blood sugar levels are clearly visible in the form of overweight and obesity features. This happens when you opt for sedentary lifestyle with junk food forming the major portion of your diet.

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Bariatric Surgery Can Act As Cure For Diabetes

Bariatric surgery is a procedure designed to help patients lose weight, but an unexpected side effect is that it can also help rid patients of diabetes. "Diabetic patients who undergo bariatric surgery are often cured of diabetes following the procedure, " said Christopher Still, D.O., director of the Geisinger Center for Nutrition and Weight Management. "This is an incredible development for patients, as diabetes is often a very challenging condition to manage." A 2004 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that diabetes was completely resolved for over 76 percent of the 22, 000 surveyed patients, and 86 percent of patients saw improvement in their diabetes.

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