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Nine Achievements In Diabetes In 2009

In a year that will be remembered for swine flu and health care reform, the American Diabetes Association today released a year-in-review list on another topic that received major headlines in 2009: diabetes. The list focuses on achievements made in 2009 to stop diabetes. "Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes and the numbers are not expected to decrease any time soon, " commented Larry Hausner, CEO, American Diabetes Association. "But even though the seriousness and scope of diabetes is daunting, the American Diabetes Association made many important strides in 2009 to help stem the tide of this deadly disease." Below are nine achievements in diabetes in 2009: 1) Reforming Health Care The Association took a lead role to ensure that pending federal health care reform legislation meets the needs of people with, and at risk for, diabetes.

Tingling in Your Hands and Feet May Lead to a Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

The symptom of tingling in a person's hands and/or feet often alerts your health care provider to the possibility of you having type 2 diabetes. Whilst there may have been other signs and symptoms, they may have been treated as individual health issues and not thought to be related to type 2 diabetes or elevated blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes progresses so slowly most people don't even notice the gradual rise in their blood sugar levels because the backup of sugar in their bloodstream occurs slowly, over many, many years. It is not unusual to find a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is made ten to twelve years from the start of the increase in blood sugar levels.

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Sangamo BioSciences Advances ZFP Therapeutic TM Pipeline

Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGMO) announced the initiation of two new clinical trials of ZFP Therapeutics, a Phase 2b study in diabetic neuropathy (DN) and a Phase 1 trial in glioblastoma, as well as the renewal of $3.0 million in funding for the Phase 2b trial by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF). Edward Lanphier, Sangamo's president and CEO, will provide an update on the company's ZFP Therapeutic(TM) pipeline and an overview of the company's business strategy and objectives for 2010 during his presentation at the 28th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference at 2:30 pm PT, on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

Fast Way to Lower Blood Sugar

Studies are underway to alleviate the conditions of the diabetic patients. Aside from the iguanid's like met-formic and sulphonamide, other medications were being studied to look for the fast way to lower blood sugar. Herbal medications were being tested to help. One of the known researches was on the effect of a variety of bitter melon to the blood sugar level. The Philippines' Department of Health is advocating the use of bitter melon nowadays. There are even local celebrities that are endorsing it. However, the fast way to lower blood sugar would still be the combination of exercise, diet and medications. Exercise helps lower the insulin resistance of the body.

Echo Therapeutics Announces Major Milestone: The Completion Of Product Development Work Of Its Revolutionary, Patented Prelude TM SkinPrep System

Echo Therapeutics, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board : ECTE), a company developing the needle-free Symphony(TM) tCGM System as a non-invasive, wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring (tCGM) system and the Prelude(TM) SkinPrep System for transdermal drug delivery, announced that the Company has completed the product development work for its Prelude SkinPrep System and now has the commercially ready product to be used in final clinical trials. Echo anticipates that no further changes will be made to the Prelude SkinPrep System and that the current device will be the one used for sale, subject to FDA market clearance of the product. The final Prelude device replaces the prototype device used in earlier clinical trials and will be tested in the near-term in a study using LMX4 lidocaine cream which should form the basis for a 510-k filing with Ferndale Pharma Group for the enhanced delivery of lidocaine.

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6 Foods That Lower Down Blood Sugar Levels - Extremely Effective Diabetes Treatment

An estimated data says that around 3% human population is suffering from diabetes. This means if you are also diabetic; do not think that you are alone. Many people organize the things in such a way that they lead a happy and content life even after suffering from diabetes. It is true that till so far it is impossible to completely cure diabetes. However one must strive to keep the blood sugar levels in normal range, There are many things that can assist the diabetics in fulfilling their purpose. Better food management and healthy lifestyle is the key to keep the blood sugar levels in normal range. Here we will have a look at few simple foods items that are famous for lowering down the blood sugar levels.

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