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Smart Ways to Keep From Getting Diabetes

Many of us are already aware know that staying trim and eating a healthy diet are the best ways to reduce your chances of getting diabetes. There are, however, some more things that you can do to avoid this disease. Never microwave plastics. Most reusable plastic food and drink containers contain the chemical BPA. There has been some new research that shows that BPA can raise your risk of coming down with diabetes by 50%. Apparently BPA can bind to muscles, hindering their ability to use insulin. So, use glass or ceramic dishes instead. Find a relaxing hobby. Stress can raise your risk of getting diabetes by nearly 200%. The non-stop production of stress hormones can exhaust the nervous system and pancreas, which in turn can trigger carb cravings and blood sugar spikes.

A Wellness Provision In The Senate Reform Bill Draws Opposition

A health overhaul provision meant to encourage healthier lifestyles by allowing companies to give insurance discounts to workers who meet certain milestones has found unlikely opposition, The (Wilmington, Del., ) News Journal reports. More than 100 groups, including the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association "say tying financial incentives to a workers' health status could increase insurance costs for unhealthy employees, potentially pricing them out of the market and undermining the goal of health care reform, " and may not even lead to better health. The provision was added to the Senate bill by Sens. Tom Carper, D-Del.

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What Causes Diabetes How to Cure it? Read Learn Tips For Natural Diabetes Cure

Many people are unaware that diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in United States of America. If a person is diabetic he is at 2 to 4 times increased risk towards heart related complications compared to the one who is non-diabetic. The prime cause behind diabetes is the absence or lack of insulin or the ineffectiveness of cells to absorb and use the provided insulin. The condition is termed insulin resistance as the cells become resistant to absorb insulin efficiently. Initially it was thought that diabetes is hereditary. If it was right then number of diabetics in the world would have remained steady through the decades. Unluckily there is an alarming increase in past few years in the number of diagnosed cases of diabetes.

Following Prostatectomy, Race And Obesity Affect Outcomes Among Diabetics

Obese white men who have both diabetes and prostate cancer have significantly worse outcomes following radical prostatectomy than do men without diabetes who undergo the same procedure, according to research from Duke University Medical Center appearing in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Many studies have shown that diabetes is associated with a lower risk of developing prostate cancer -- at least in white men -- but the effect of diabetes on outcomes after prostate cancer surgery has not been as clear. "We found that diabetes was significantly associated with more aggressive disease in obese white men and less aggressive disease for all other subsets of men in our study, " says Stephen Freedland, M.

Five Steps to Help You Conquer Type 2 Diabetes!

A few basic tools are what you need to achieve good self-management of your type 2 diabetes. These tools will need to include changes in how you manage you lifestyle, maybe medications and regular self-monitoring of your blood sugar levels. Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can definitely be classed as stressful... maybe you had no idea you had a diabetic predisposition; you were not aware anyone in your family also had this condition. One of the first aspects of self-management that you may chose to integrate into you life will be stress management... almost everyone feels stressed when they are first diagnosed. No-one wants to think about changing their lifestyle!

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Type 2 Diabetes Diet - Sugar Does Not Cause Diabetes!

There is a common misconception in a type 2 diabetes diet that sugar causes diabetes. Sugar does not cause diabetes, this was revealed from a study published in Diabetes Care (April 2003). The study confirmed that sugar does not cause diabetes. In this study, researchers analyzed data on nearly 39, 000 middle-aged women, all of whom completed a 131-item food questionnaire. Six years later, there were 918 cases of Type 2 diabetes reported. Researchers found no definitive influence of sugar intake on the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The diabetic or near diabetic has a pancreas problem not a sugar problem. It is due to the fact that the pancreas does not produce enough insulin that a diabetic needs.

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