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You Have Control Over Type 2 Diabetes!

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Type 2 diabetes is invisible, it is a chronic condition that does not go away. It's not like a broken arm that one day will heal... it is a condition that although it can be managed, even reversed, will always affect the way you live.

It is important for you to know this though... you can exercise an enormous amount of control over type 2 diabetes. With good self-management, it is possible to successfully treat type 2 diabetes. You can delay the further advances of any physical damage caused by high blood sugar levels. Control of this condition virtually depends on how much you are prepared to become educated, to become knowledgeable about how to get your weight and blood sugar levels to fall. What goes up can come down!

There is a growing worldwide epidemic of type 2, and one of the most important new developments is that is occurring with increasing frequency in young people. This condition is usually associated with obesity. Due to this relationship, if effort is directed to preventing and controlling increases in weight in both children and adults, we could see this epidemic decline. Eating less processed foods containing hidden fats and sugar, and eating more whole foods, would be a healthy start.

Don't think of yourself as a victim of diabetes, think of yourself as a person with type 2 diabetes who has choices to make. With good self-management, control of type 2 diabetes may be achieved for years. Self-management means you choose to participate in your medical care and in the management also.

First steps include simple changes in your lifestyle:

  • typically changes in your diet
  • the adoption of a more physically active lifestyle
  • medications if prescribed
Because your health care provider prescribes oral hypoglycemic medications at diagnosis, it does not mean you will need to stay on them... they may help with reducing your blood sugar to an acceptable level in the early stages. They are frequently used in the early days post diagnosis, in tandem with a healthy eating plan and exercise. Once you start to change your eating plan and lose weight, your blood sugar levels will start to drop naturally.

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