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Reaching Out to Depressed Teens

Research is showing that depressed teens are more likely to suffer with mental health problems as adults. Of course more research is needed to determine if teenage depression actually contributes to more serious problems later in life. No matter, these problems need to be addressed as early as possible so they can be dealt with before they become a crisis and are much more difficult to deal with. If you think that you may be a depressed teens, you are definitely not alone. Depression is very common in teenagers. It's very important that you find someone to talk to. It can be extremely helpful to talk to someone about what makes you sad. If you think that you may be the parent of a child who is a depressed teens there are some common problems and symptoms they may be experiencing.

Teens And Parents Need Help Identifying Suicidal Adolescents

Adolescents and parents need help recognizing that suicide is a problem in their own communities, as well as help identifying teens who are suicidal, according to the study, "Attitudes and Beliefs of Adolescents and Parents Regarding Adolescent Suicide, " published in the February issue of Pediatrics (appearing online Jan. 11). In the United States in 2006, 1, 771 children and adolescents ages 10 to 19 committed suicide, making suicide the third leading cause of death in this age group. To design a better suicide prevention program, researchers set out to understand what interventions would be most effective. In focus groups in Chicago and Kansas City, both teenagers and their parents correctly identified many of the known risk factors for suicide, including mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, relational or social loss, and hopelessness.

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Depression Cure - Anti-Depressants and How They Work

One of the most effective ways to treat depression is to take anti-depressants. Though there are a lot of other methods of treating depression, medication is the most prescribed one when you seek professional help. To deduce how the anti- depressants work, one has to first understand the functioning of the brain. Our brain consists of a large number of cells called neurons. These neurons are separated from each other by a gap referred to as synapse. The neurons communicate and pass messages between each other via chemical substances called neurotransmitters. One neuron will discharge this chemical towards the other neuron to relay a message.

Major Symptoms of Depression

Knowing and accepting that one is suffering from the dreaded 'D' is often the biggest obstacle for treating it. Hence a clear understanding of the symptoms is imperative. To quite an extent, symptoms depend on the age, socio-economic background and sex. For example the indications of a teenager affected by this ailment, are very different from those of a 50 year old businessman. Feeling low and upset in life's challenges is expected, but these feelings should not be allowed to persist over a long period of time. When these notions get so overwhelming that they keep you from having a normal, energetic lifestyle; then its time to seek professional help.

Treating Depression Successfully and Naturally

The anti-depressant medicine market makes approximately 11 billion dollars a year in sales and you shouldn't be shocked to know that the pharmaceutical companies are only trying to safeguard their benefits. That is why most doctors quite often oblige the companies and go along with this terrible competition that can have permanent harmful side effects and will hardly recommend to their patients other ways of considering natural alternatives for depression. Pharmaceutical medication will sometimes ease the depression and are effective in a lot of the cases but the medical society is narrow-minded about even allowing an alternative that doesn't include prescribing drugs.

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Depression Cures - Anti-Depressants and Their Negative Effects

Like most medicines, antidepressants too have side effects. These mostly appear soon after the treatment is begun and gradually get less sinister. Higher the dose of an antidepressant, greater is the intensity of its adverse effects. So, if you feel that the medicine is not effective enough and you need to increase its dose, consult your doctor first. These days new drugs have been introduced in the markets, which have fewer negatives. Anti depressants can be broadly categorized as elective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). SSRIs and SNRIs are the most prescribed anti depressants which have a wide range of adverse effects.

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