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Understanding Depression in Young Children and Teenagers

Whether among adults, teenagers or children, depression is a medical condition primarily caused by imbalances of natural chemicals supplied to the brain. The imbalances make a person to constantly experience feelings of loneliness, negativity, sadness, and lack of motivation. Though it is a mild brief experience among most people, it can last for extended durations from weeks to years becoming a serious condition in some people. The causes of extended depressing cycles include stress, disillusionment, disappointment, natural occurrences, and disasters or even be triggered by nothing tangible at all. Depression cycles can occur among people of all ages, but it is more lethal in teenagers and very young children.

Depression Disorder - The Truth

Depression disorder is something that many people in North America struggle with every year. Let's take the word disorder and hyphenate it dis-order, meaning a body that is not in order. This would mean that some part of your body is not working the way it should be. That part would be the brain. We are not thinking properly. You can go to your doctor and they will give you some medication to help with the pain within you, but you really need the tools and some direction to think properly or positive. The thoughts that we have are just that a thought. They can be changed in a moment. Our thoughts are also creating our future. So it is important for us to be thinking more positively to create a positive future.

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All Natural Cures For Depression

This article is for those people who might find themselves feeling a little blue during the holidays, but prefer all natural cures for depression instead of medicine. Let me state that if you have been being treated for severe depression I would strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor before you began this program. Depression is a very serious matter and should not be taking lightly. This article is for those people who just feel a little run down. You know the jobs getting to you, the kids aren't listening, the bills are beginning to stack up, and oh yeah it's almost time to go out and spend more money that you don't have. Let me ask you something?

Teenage Depression Signs - 10 Things Parents Need to Look For

There are some crucial things that parents must keep in mind if they suspect that their teenager is suffering from Depression. Below is a list of teenage depression signs that a parent should look for- Tearfulness Loss of interest Weight loss or gain Inability to get to sleep, or the desire to sleep all the time Loss of energy or initiative Feelings of worthlessness or guilt Inability to concentrate or sustain attention Irritability Feelings of emptiness and hopelessness Thoughts of Suicide Tearfulness Depression may lead to sudden tearfulness without an apparent trigger. This is usually due to the negative thoughts of a sufferer. Loss of interest When a teen is depressed, he/she starts to loose interest in activities he/she had previously enjoyed.

Some Causes of Depression

The causes of depression are many and varied. They depend upon the individual and his particular life experiences. It would seem that anything and everything can be the trigger. However, these events do not set off the chain of circumstances leading to depression in everyone. Something of the personality and make up of the person plus his environment and lifestyle. So what are these triggers? Some of them involve the following: illness, redundancy, divorce, bereavement, stressful job, debt. All these can set some people reeling. These causes can be divided into three main groups: Physical/chemical The levels of hormones/chemicals in the brain vary from time to time but generally keep within a workable band width.

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Causes of Depression Vary

The normal trials and tribulations of life can often leave us feeling down in the dumps. But what if your sadness is deeper than these temporary ups and downs? What if this is more than a mood, but is a more serious medical condition? The answer can be found in a variety of sources, and are not the same for everyone suffering with depression. Some will be able to easily pinpoint one or more causes of depression, while others may have a more difficult time identifying the root of their issue. While researching causes of depression, scientists have discovered noticeable differences in the brains of those afflicted with the condition. The hippocampus of those with depression is frequently smaller than those that have never suffered with it.

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