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Depression and Weight Loss Information

Sufferers from depressive illnesses can experience weight gain due to the effects of taking anti-depressants. It is not unusual to gain at least 15 pounds. This weight gain can lead to more stress and self loathing at the very time when lethargy is so great that nothing appears to be done about the situation. If you are suffering from depression and weight loss is what you need to work on you will need to follow a diet which is good for you as you tackle depression and also which will regulate your weight. The first thing to consider is not to set goals that you are going to have trouble reaching especially if you are in a really down time. Some foods help with the feel good factor so this has to be balanced with the fact that you want to lose weight.

Depression - More Common Than You Think

There are a lot of issues that people can experience that are related to the brain and emotions and how the two interact with each other. People can experience issues like panic disorder, but depression is the thing that worries a lot of people. The rate of people that experience depression is high. There are many people that will suffer this disorder without even knowing or understanding that this is a common problem. If you think that you may have this issue, it is important to get some more information and then talk to your doctor. One of the most common symptoms of this mental illness is an overwhelming feeling of sadness. There are actually several different levels of this illness that range from occasional instances of sadness to chronic or ongoing depression.

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Depression in Teens - Sleep Disturbances

How do parents know if it is depression or simply being sixteen years old? Moody teens often go up and down the emotional roller coaster many times a day. What makes depression of teens different? The usual signs of depression may include insomnia, oversleeping, waking early, a low energy level, social withdrawal, little or no interest in former hobbies, feelings of inadequacy, grades that are slipping, a pessimistic outlook, crying a lot, feelings of isolation, and a general down in the dump attitude about life. You may question how to know whether your teens having trouble staying asleep at night or even oversleeping could both predict depression.

Is it Stress Or Depression?

"Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody". (Mark Twain) Are you feeling anxious, on edge - and yet tired all the time, waking early, feeling as if you haven't slept? Do you no longer enjoy things which used to be fun? If so, you may not be just 'stressed' but suffering from a common, sometimes disabling illness - Depression. Other symptoms of depression include: Loss of concentration and memory Feeling sad and down for no reason Significant change in appetite or weight Chronic pain Loss of interest in sex, or even in just being around people Excessive use of alcohol Feeling like a failure Having no hope for the future - and possibly thoughts of suicide.

Light Therapy May Be Faster With Fewer Side Effects Than Prescriptions For Depression

The therapeutic benefit of light has several known physiological effects, though its therapeutic mechanism is still not clear. Most study results on the subject suggest that the blood levels of the light-sensitive hormone melatonin, which may be abnormally high at certain times of day, are rapidly reduced by light exposure. Depending on when bright light is presented, the body's internal clock--which controls daily rhythms of body temperature, hormone secretion, and sleep patterns--shifts ahead or is delayed when stimulated by light. These physiological time shifts may be the basis of the therapeutic response. Light may also amplify the day-night difference in these rhythms.

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Depression Treatment Online - CBT

There are a few websites that offer depression treatment online, through what is called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy was first used in the 1950's and is now used as a major treatment for depression. There are many sites that offer these treatments online, and it has even been studied and proven that online CBT is just as effective as any therapy done in person with a therapist when the patient takes the therapy seriously. Many online websites that offer CBT will have a guide that must be followed in order for the therapy treatments to be successful. This means that there will be online therapy sessions that must be attended, and these can number anywhere from 2-12, depending on the website used.

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