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Low Socioeconomic Status Affects Cortisol Levels In Children Over Time

It's no surprise that children from low socioeconomic backgrounds may be at risk for numerous health problems in the future. Scientists speculate that these health problems, including increased risk for depression, anxiety and substance abuse, arise from the physiological toll that the environment has on the children's bodies. Previous research demonstrates a clear link between low socioeconomic status (SES) and body systems that regulate stress, specifically the HPA-axis, which produces the hormone cortisol. Overtime, higher and more prolonged levels of cortisol can lead to a number of psychiatric disorders and physical ailments, including, but not limited to, depression, PTSD, diabetes, and obesity.

Tips For Parents on Discovering Children's Depression

Depression can be found among children of any age, from preschool through young adulthood. Experts agree that the rates of depression in young have skyrocketed. A recent study among college students at Kansas State University found the percentage of depressed students doubled over a 13 year period. The rates of depression in children are likely under reported because parents and professionals often fail to recognize the problem. Children rarely spontaneously report depression to others. Instead, they more typically remain unaware of their feelings, which manifest themselves through changes in their behavior, appetite and sleep. This is the story: Angeline's mom surprises her by bringing cupcakes to school on her eighth birthday.

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Analysis Suggests That Benefit Of Antidepressant Medications Varies With Severity Of Depression Symptoms

An analysis of randomized trials indicates that compared with placebo, the magnitude of benefit of antidepressant medications varies with the severity of depressive symptoms, and may provide little benefit for patients with mild or moderate depression, but appear to provide substantial benefit for patients with very severe depression, according to an article in the January 6 issue of JAMA. Antidepressant medications (ADM) are the current standard of treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD), but there is little evidence that they have a specific pharmacological effect relative to placebo for patients with less severe depression, according to background information in the article.

Causes of Depression and Suicide Among the Young

Recently, the spate of suicides in cities like Mumbai, India, point to the fact that depression is becoming more and more common among the young. Psychiatrists attribute suicide to be a consequence of severe depression. Depression can occur due to various reasons - it can be genetic, bio-chemical or even environmentally induced. The recent spate of suicides, according to health professionals, is a result of being in an environment that induces undue stress and pressure in the lives of youngsters, leading to depression. Socio-economic status, trauma or loss, personality problems, stress and anxiety, aging are some of the chief contributors of depression, among both the young and old.

Cures For Depression - Are They OK?

Heal Depression Fast Assorted kinds of depression involves peculiar cure to depression and thus it is smart to learn about the proper method for you by referring it to a professional who will initially decide what kind of depression you have. Depression solutions include * Medication - antidepressant pills - they heal treat depression by converting the chemical activity in the brain. Medicinal Drug commonly acts as a short term way to handle depression. Almost anti-depressants can not be applied long term. Medication is commonly prescribed by medical professional and can be used efficaciously with therapy and self support. * Natural Cures - herbal cures, nutrient, exercising etc.

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Depression Attracts the Person Like Sea Waves!

A state of low mood and aversion to activity is a situation that can be defined in a single word 'depression' which, by the passage of time kills the ability of forbearance in a person, or in another way if we go in the depth of this word, we will fine its hidden meaning in the word itself and that is: D amage of E motions P urely by R ebating E conomical, S ocial and S ensitive I ssues by an O utput equal to N ull. When a person is mentally ill or upset, obviously he is not able to concentrate on anything not even his favorite activities. The control on our sentiments and reactions is in our own hands. Our Lord has given us senses to identify what is beneficial and we can easily figure out things which are harmful for us.

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