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We All Need Support - Carers of a Depressive-Natured Individual

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We all need support and none more so than the carers of a depressive-natured suicidal individual.

Look in the paper, at community notice boards, on the internet, at the local library, local lions club, community centre and health centre to help give you ideas on what support would benefit you most.

To help eliminate the cause of the depression choose a group or individual with compassion, one that will help with goal setting, choosing natural therapy, different counselling styles to suit both of you, working with you toward the best management and treatment.

You also need a shoulder to lean on from time to time and an ear to listen, gaining a fresh prospective.

The local Health centre will usually have a doctor or nurse practiced in this profession; make an appointment for both of you together and then consult with them regularly.


If they want to die this is not directly related to you, how much they care about you, their spouse or kin, it just is what it is they want to die, they have had enough of the pain, turmoil and confusion going on in their head, heart, body, soul.

They have concept but no position at the time of how the people they are leaving behind feel, how much they are hurting the people around them until this episode starts to recover.

Put yourself in their shoe's just for a moment and imagine wanting to leave this world now and everyone is stopping you, you want your pain to stop, the craziness to stop, the thoughts in your head to stop, the overwhelming thoughts this must take to attempt a suicide of any kind are unimaginable to most of us.

  • No matter how much you do, it will never feel enough.

Take some time out for yourself, have someone else take over a few days a week or a few hours a day, send them away on a little holiday somewhere, even if it's just a stint in the local hospital to give you and them a recovery period.

  • At no time be in physical danger.

If you fear for your safety then this is a bigger job than just you, you need to call someone that can help, be it a neighbour, family, police or ambulance, there is no second guessing here, this rule will ensure your safety now and in future episodes as it illustrates you will not tolerate being bullied or handled roughly.

  • At no time will the manic be in Danger.

You need to immediately call for help if you are at all concerned for their welfare, if they are not safe then move them or have someone move them to where they are safe. Police and ambulance will usually be the best as they are trained and will be able to discuss with you the best options available. In most cases this will be enough to disperse the behaviour and then we can all get a good rest.

Leave your comments, help us understand and encourage a depressive-natured individual, please refer the sites you know available to assist carers and loved ones.

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