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Top Ten Tips For Printing Canvases

1) Make your frame using two pieces of wood at right angles to ensure a square joint. Use a soft hammer to push the frame into shape and staple for finish.

2) Measure the frame across the front, around the side of the canvas. Then add on approx half of the back of the canvas to be white.

3) Print your image and use photoshop - select all - modify - border, to create a border around the print so you can see where to cut

4) Leave your print flat to dry for an hour or two to ensure the ink is fully dry before stretching

5) Hold your print up to the light and draw in the reverse of the canvas print corners using a pencil. Mark this fully with a ruler. This will help you to place your frame.

6) Place your print face down on your table and then place your frame rounded edge down onto that print.

7) Pull up each side of your canvas whilst weighing down your frame to ensure no movement. Check to make sure all sides of print are equal.

8) Stretch and staple approx 3-4 staples on one side. Longest side first. Repeat on reverse side. Finish first side.

9) Repeat above steps on the two smaller sides and use stretching pliers to ensure canvas is taught.

10) Finally create dog ears, staple them down and then stretch using pliers in an upward motion to make sure they are taught.

You will now have a drum tight stretched canvas print that you can enjoy for years.

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